3 Common Causes of Hair Loss and How to Solve Them

Lately, if you’ve been noticing your hair has started to fall off more than usual, it could indicate that you may be experiencing excessive stress. The tension you’re feeling can affect your body more than you think, leading to breakouts, weight changes, and hair loss. 

Stress can range from short-term to long-term, affecting you physically, mentally, and emotionally over time. While short-term stress can go away after you take some time to diffuse and calm yourself down, long-term stress can be due to your lifestyle habits, major decisions, or recurring illnesses. Over time, the stress can lead to excessive hair loss that you’ll notice in clumps.

It may be difficult to know the reason behind your hair fall, especially if it’s more than a hair concern that can be rooted deep inside you. It’s important to seek the help of a professional to solve your problem while it’s still early. If you want to know some of the common causes of hair loss, keep reading below.

It Could Be Due to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Women who are pregnant tend to have healthier hair due to the hormones they’re experiencing. By taking prenatal vitamins, their hair’s volume and length are enhanced. But as soon as they give birth to their baby, they undergo a whirlwind of hormonal changes.

Experiencing hair fall for some time after childbirth is normal—but it’s only temporary, so there’s nothing to worry about. While you can expect to grow your hair back to normal after a few months, you can continue taking your vitamins and maintain a balanced diet for added measure. 

During times like this, you can also opt to use clip-in hair extensions as a temporary solution, especially if your self-esteem is affected by your sudden loss of hair. While you wait for your hair to grow back, you can enjoy going out and socialising without worrying about your locks.

It Could Be Due to Food Restrictions

Undergoing a new diet, primarily one that has too many restrictions, can also cause hair loss. Since your body has gotten used to receiving the necessary nutrients and minerals to function properly, cutting them off can result in a decline—even concerning your hair as well.

If you want your hair and health to go back to the way it was, then seeking the guidance of a doctor is necessary, and so is going back to a healthy diet. You can speed up your hair growth by taking multivitamins, getting enough sleep, and avoiding crash diets from here on out.

Though it can be unavoidable for your confidence to be affected by your unexpected hair loss, you can choose to use hair extensions while waiting for your hair to grow back. Before you know it, your natural hair will be as lovely as before!

It Could Be Due to Long-Term Stress

The recurring stress, anxiety, and constant worrying you’re experiencing not only affects your mental and emotional health, but it can also affect your physical health. It can lead to unwanted hair loss within just a short time.

To help you deal with stress, a professional can help address what you’re going through properly, and they can either provide you with medication or therapy. Targeting the origin of your stress can help solve your hair loss and improve your health.

If what you’re feeling inside is causing you to avoid seeing people, the hair loss you’re experiencing can also add to your situation. But if you want to come out stronger and beat your emotions, one way to feel confident is by wearing some good hair extensions.  


The stress that you’re feeling always has a cause behind it. More often than not, it can go away by taking preventive measures that could also eliminate your hair loss. Whether it’s due to pregnancy or childbirth, food restrictions, or long-term stress, the best thing to do is to seek a professional’s help. You can also consider temporary solutions for your hair loss, like getting natural hair extensions in the meantime. 

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