3 Common Mistakes with Clip-in Hair Extensions

Styling your hair every day can be a chore, but clip-in hair extensions make the task relatively easier to do. The product is also highly convenient and manageable, providing you with the right amount of volume whenever you need it. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly use them, much less make them look discreet and natural. 

If you want to style your hair every day in a natural way, you need to understand exactly how contraption works. Creating hairstyles that look fresh, natural, and completely hassle-free is the goal, but ample research is necessary. 

To begin your clip-in hair extensions journey, we’ve gathered the most common mistakes beginners make—best to avoid them from now on:

Mistake #1: Using too many tracks 

Most clip-in hair extension packs come with more than enough hair, just in case you need extra strands. However, this shouldn’t be an invitation to use everything at once! Such an abundance of gorgeous hair extensions must be used sparingly, especially since your goal is to look as natural as possible. 

Choosing to use everything at once can you to making costly mistakes, such as bulky and patchy looking hairstyles. Most of the time, you only need up to four wefts to volumize your hair.

This still depends on your hair type, however, so make sure to pay attention to what your hair needs. The key here is to trust the process—build it as you go.

Mistake #2: Placing the wefts too close to your crown

Apart from using too many wefts, it’s also important to pay attention to where you’re clipping the extensions. Going higher than the recommended spot will leave you with unnatural looking hairstyles. 

Keep in mind that the crown of your natural hair can also end up looking too thin or sparse, making it difficult to keep the clips hidden from the public eye. The key is to blend everything in—so stick to add the wefts lower on your head. 

Mistake #3: Failing to give the wefts something to hold onto 

Another mistake people often make is failing to take the hair’s grip ability in mind. You’ll want to create a space where your wefts can sit snuggly, making sure that they stay firmly in place no matter the circumstance. The best way to do this is to avoid greasy hair—spray your hair with a volumizing dry shampoo, or perhaps opt to apply some hairspray. 

Either of these methods will add texture to the area, which will effectively support the wefts. Again, make sure to do it as naturally as possible—there’s no need to go overboard with the spraying! Add just enough to keep things in place.

The Bottom Line

Hair clip-in extensions are lifesavers, especially if you don’t have much time to style your natural hair every day. The only barrier to the process is unnatural looking extensions, so make sure to keep the aforementioned mistakes in mind. With your tracks well-supported and hidden, you’ll be rocking the streets with your dream hairstyle—for less time and effort!

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