3 Fun Ponytail Hair Styles – Our Guide

Wearing your hair in a ponytail lets you exude simplicity, class, and beauty. Aside from it being easy, quick, and fun to do, it does not require any special skills and tools. All you need is an elastic band to flaunt this well-loved hairstyle.

Using high-quality hair extensions can boost your style and give your locks extra volume and drama when worn with a ponytail, making you look a total head-turner. Here are some fun and creative ways of wearing a stylish ponytail with your natural hair extensions:

1. Messy ponytail

Wearing a messy ponytail is perfect for casual gatherings and date nights. When paired with your human hair ponytail extensions, you can have fun playing around with this style. 

To rock a messy ponytail, clip in your wefts, part your hair mid-way, and then flip it upside down. Leave enough hair strands at the back of your neck and continue to clip in the remaining wefts upside down. Gather up all your hair into a high pony, use your hair strands to cover the clip wefts, pull random sections of your ponytail, and tease them. Finally, tug at the top of your hair and loosen up your ponytail.

2. Sleek high ponytail

A sleek high ponytail can make you look tidy and polished, making it an ideal hairstyle to wear during business meetings, big formal presentations, and job interviews. Wear this type of ponytail by first creating a small ponytail at the crown of your head. Afterwards, take a weft and clip it around the base of your pony close to your elastic band. Tighten all the clips and collect all your remaining hair into a high pony. Don’t forget to cover the base of the clip-in wefts. Take a small section of your hair and use it to conceal your elastic band by wrapping it around the base. Finish your look by using a hairspray or hair cream to keep any flyaways and smoothen your locks.

3. Long romantic ponytail

The long romantic ponytail is a classy way of wearing your pony. This hairstyle allows you to flaunt your sweet and feminine side, so it’s best to flaunt it when heading to black and white affairs and romantic dinner dates. 

The first step to wearing this hairstyle is to use clip extensions of around 3-4 clip wefts. Tie your hair to a low ponytail, clip the wefts around it one by one with the first weft clip placed as close as possible to the elastic band, and make sure that the wefts are secured tightly around the ponytail using a hair tie. Complete your lift by creating soft curls with your ponytail and gently brush it out afterwards.


The ponytail may seem like a simple hairstyle, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Spice up your look, make your locks voluminous, and add some flair to your style by using top-notch hair extensions with your ponytail. When shopping for extensions, choose only high-quality ones and buy only from a reputable store such as ours.

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