3 Important Things to Know About Clip-Ins – What to Know

Hair extensions provide you with an instant way to transform your style. All it takes is a couple of minutes to attach these long, luscious locks for you to level up your look. On top of this, there are different installation methods you can choose from depending on your personal preference and lifestyle. 

Clip-ins are a particularly popular style among those who want to try hair extensions. They are a temporary method of adding extensions, allowing you to clip them in and add volume to your hair without the commitment. 

Despite these benefits and options, however, some still have doubts about extensions. This is mostly because of their fear of damaging their real hair due to the installation process. 

To set the record straight, we’ll be going through three essential things you must know about clip-ins in the sections below. 

1. Not All Extensions Cause Intense Damage

There are indeed cases of hair loss due to extensions. However, these are mainly caused by poorly-installed extensions or improper maintenance. 

When you invest in high-quality Remy hair extensions and care for them correctly, you will not have any problems. Additionally, clip-in hair extensions are among the safest varieties out there. You can clip them in and out whenever you want. As long as you diligently maintain your hair and don’t overuse the extensions, they should not cause significant damage. 

2. Clip-in Hair Extensions Can Be Safely Installed and Removed 

The biggest advantage of clip-ins is that they are extremely convenient. Their wefts are designed to be easily and safely attached and removed whenever you want. You’ll even be able to do it at home without struggle. 

Additionally, there are no chemicals, glue, tape, heat, or beads involved in its application. This further reduces the amount of damage to your natural hair. 

3. There Are Steps You Can Take to Further Minimise Damages

Although clip-in hair extensions are the safest type, they still cause minimal damage. Fortunately, you can further minimise the damage and protect your hair while wearing them by following these tips: 

  • Remove your clip-ins before you sleep. Wearing them to bed, where you toss and turn at night, can put a strain on the clips and cause it to snap. In worse cases, they can cause bald patches. 
  • Remove them with care. Carefully brush your hair and separate them from the extensions. Don’t pull them out as this can cause damage. 
  • Choose extensions that weigh less, especially if you have finer hair. Those with thicker strands may give you the volume you desire, but their weight can stress out your hair and scalp. 
  • Adjust your clip-ins or remove them if your scalp starts to become irritated. Wearing them for prolonged periods even through irritation can significantly damage your hair. 


Hair extensions are meant to complement your hair, not damage it. Considering this, there are various types of extensions available in the market for you to consider depending on your preferences and lifestyle. Clip-ins are your best bet if you’re looking for something safer and more convenient without sacrificing the looks. 

You can protect your natural hair by caring for it regularly and using your extensions wisely. Most importantly, make sure to choose only high-quality extensions so you can achieve the volume and appearance you’ve been dreaming of while simultaneously keeping your hair healthy. 

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