3 Reasons to Choose Classic Hair Extensions

If you’re planning to invest in hair extensions, but still wish to learn more about these innovative beauty products, a little knowledge goes a long way. Hair extensions are essentially products that help highlight your hair’s volume and length, leaving you with a natural look you can style endlessly.

Having one can also make bad hair days go away, as well as mask horrendous haircuts you regret down to your core. Having them styles and coloured however you wish is also possible, with the fear of damaging your hair out of the equation. 

Simply put, hair extensions give you the liberty to style your hair however you wish, making it the perfect beauty tool for your beauty needs. However, hair extensions come in a variety of types and sizes, but the classic ones ensure you enjoy the best of every world. Here’s why:

1 – Classic hair extensions come with fabric-stitched bases 

Classic hair extensions are characterized by their fabric-stitched weft, which is vastly different from more modern styles. These usually come with silicone bases, but Remy human hair is created with a piece of fabric, where each clip of hair is painstakingly hand-sewn onto the weft. 

This hand-sewn technique ensures that the weft is thicker and more accommodating, thereby allowing you to experiment with endless styles. Going for a more modern hair extension may be ideal, but the techniques woven into classic extensions are simply unmatched.

2 – Classic hair extensions can accommodate the thickest hair types 

Unfortunately, finding the right set of extensions can be easier said than done. You may end up purchasing one with stringy ends, making it look completely unnatural on top of your head. Contrary to what most believe, thinner extensions aren’t always better. 

You’ll want to purchase extensions that are equally thick as your hair, thereby allowing you to seamlessly blend it with your natural locks. Anything else can look unnatural, allowing people to tell and track where your extensions actually are. Nothing’s worse than your natural hair peeking through the extensions!

3 – Classic hair extensions can be dyed 

Although other hair extensions can be dyed, the weft type must always be taken into consideration. Thankfully, classic extensions are made with a fabric base, which can also be dyed to your liking. 

Purchasing seamless extensions cannot be dyed, especially since it’s created with a silicone base that does not mesh well with dyes. For endless style options, going classic should be your only choice!

Invest in Good Hair Extensions in the UK

The pursuit of beauty is never-ending, but the power of boosting your confidence lies in the decisions surrounding your crowning glory—your locks. It’s only logical that you want the best for them, without the fear of damaging, bad decisions, and even poor hair tools. 

By choosing classic hair extensions, for instance, you empower yourself to be your best self! With endless styling options, you’ll be well on your way to running the world—in style and gorgeous weaves. Make sure to keep this guide in mind as you choose the right hair extension for you.

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