3 Tips to Make a Hair Extension Look Natural on a Short Hair

Hair extensions are for people who want to get longer and thicker hair without waiting months or years for growth. They can simply clip in the hair extensions to give themselves a whole new look in a matter of minutes. It does not damage their hair, and most of the time, they do not need professional help to achieve it. However, those with shorter natural hair might be concerned.

The Problem of Wearing Extensions for Short-Haired People

One of the most common problems encountered by users with shorter hair is wearing extensions that look too unnatural. Imagine an early 2000s haircut looking as if someone put a bowl around your head and cut alongside it, leaving long thin hair at the centre. It is not a look everyone can pull off.

It goes back to the need to make everything look natural, which is the real purpose of a hair extension. It should look like a part of your natural hair, even if it is longer than your real hair. If you cannot fix it, we have three tips that can help you make it look better.

How to Perfectly Blend Short Hair and Long Clip-In Hair Extensions

Tip 1: Get Thick Hair Extensions

Since you need to make everything look natural, your goal is to aim for a hairstyle with an even thickness. Even if you have naturally thin hair, make sure that you still get thick hair extensions. If you cannot find something that is thick enough, consider buying a second set. 

For a person with shorter hair, the more extensions you have, the better you can style your look. Also, consider getting another extension set that is shorter than your original. You can use the shorter ones in layering your hair and making everything look more natural. 

Tip 2: Style Your Hair and Extensions Together

Here is a common mistake that hair extension users should avoid: styling the extensions first, putting them on, and styling the natural hair separately. Doing so is bound to look unnatural. 

While this process is not wholly wrong, it is missing a step. You must style your hair again. This time, you should curl or straighten your hair and extensions together as one. That little trick will combine the look and make it flawless. 

Tip 3: Distribute Evenly

Hair extensions look too obvious when placed in one chunk in one part of the head. The secret to making the whole look more natural is distributing the hair extensions to all sections. Place something at the bottom centre and also place some on the sides. Ensure that all hair extensions end at the same length—hence the importance of getting a pair shorter than your original. 

You can also ask a professional stylist to layer and cut the hair extensions for you. More importantly, make sure to tease the part of the hair extension near the end of your real hair for a smoother transition. 


Hair extensions are the best tool to change one’s look without the need for a drastic makeover. You can simply clip on your extensions, and you instantly have longer and thicker hair. However, it would be best to make sure that everything looks natural. Follow these three tips if you have shorter hair to see how they can make everything look better.  

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