3 Ways to Care for Your Hair During Social Distancing – Our Guide

Social distancing protocols have changed the way we live, especially when it comes to taking care of our hair. What was previously a simple trip to the salon now requires multiple steps to ensure compliance with new safety regulations. Whether you’re in desperate need of a haircut or you need to reapply natural hair extensions, these aren’t exactly things you can successfully pull off at home. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to care for your hair until you’re due for your next hair appointment. While you should leave hair extension removal to the professionals, there are a few things you can do to keep your hair—both your own and the extensions—shiny and healthy. Here’s how:

Brush Regularly

Although it’s essential to brush your hair regardless, it’s an integral part of caring for your hair when it’s in the grow-out phase. One of the best brushes to use is a detangling brush. It is equipped with bristles that are durable enough to eliminate tangles, but gentle enough to flex once you brush through your extensions. 

If you want to keep tangles at a minimum, brush your hair multiple times a day. Do this gently by starting at the ends of your hair, using soft strokes to detangle. Slowly work your way up to your roots. When the brush goes through the panels, you might hear a crunching sound. This noise is completely normal—in fact, this is the sound you’ll want to hear!

Consider using a boar bristle brush as well, as it’s effective at distributing your hair’s natural oils throughout your scalp. You’ll keep your hair and extensions shiny, but it’s still vital to keep oils away from your panels. Otherwise, the hair extension tape may loosen.

Use Dry Shampoo

Hair extensions are relatively fragile when they’re wet, making dry shampoo an excellent way to wash your hair. The longer you go between shampooing in the grow-out phase, the less likely you’ll experience any slippage or pulling in your extensions. 

Find a dry shampoo that’s approved for use on hair extensions. Lift your hair in sections and spray at the base of your scalp, located near the panels. Brush thoroughly to distribute the shampoo properly.

Cleanse Properly

When it’s time to shampoo your hair, you’ll want to prepare your extensions. Before you begin the process, press your panels together. Doing this will reinforce the bond. After that, carefully brush your hair to remove any tangles.

Now it’s time to wash your hair extensions. Put shampoo onto your palms and open up your fingers, which will help you get between the panels and onto your scalp. Ensure that you rinse well to remove the product altogether. After you shampoo, condition your hair from the ponytail hairpiece downwards. Make sure not to get any conditioner on the panels.

Once you’ve finished, use a wet or dry detangling brush and brush the ends of your hair, working towards your scalp. Hold onto your panels while doing this and repeat once you remove all the tangles.

Power dry your panels with a blow dryer. Focus on the base of your scalp to eliminate moisture from the attachment. Once the root area is entirely dried, move onto the rest of your hair.


Managing your hair extensions without easy access to a salon can be challenging. Fortunately, with a little extra care and prep, you can care for your hair extensions from the comfort of your home while waiting for your next hair appointment. You’ll be treating your scalp with a little more TLC while making your hair extensions last longer.

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