3 Ways to Naturally Blend Hair Extensions With Short Hair

It’s normal to have a sudden urge to transform your style, and one of the biggest ways to completely change your look is by going for a new hair-do. If there’s an occasion coming up and find short hair limiting with its style options, why not glamorize your hair by adding clip-in extensions?

Hair extensions can let anyone enjoy the best of both worlds – from donning a Hollywood-esque hair-do by extending your locks to embracing a low-maintenance short do without compromising your hair’s health. While it’s easy to switch up your appearance with no strings attached, this begs the question: how can you blend hair extensions with short hair without anyone noticing? 

Tip #1: Conceal the Extensions by Placing it Under your Short Hair 

One of the oldest tricks in the hair extension book is to conceal your short hair by lacing in the extensions underneath your natural mane. You can do so by tying the top part of your head, which leaves roughly ¼ of your hair down. 

You can adjust the amount depending on the thickness of your hair. Moving forward, you can put the other parts of your hair to pave way for your extensions. Be sure to opt for a thickset for the hair extensions, with the ideal reaching about 220g since you’ll need it for a more dynamic layering. 

Tip #2: Pin or Braid the Bottom Section of your Hair 

Short hairs are significantly noticeable towards the nape of your neck since it likes to spike out of place, so it helps to pin the loose strands to make more room for the first weft of your clip-in extensions. This can make it easier to add volume to your hair as naturally as possible. As a side-note, teasing your roots can also improve the extension’s grip, especially for those with thin hair. 

Tip #3: Cover Short Layers by Clipping in Long Wefts on the Sides of your Head

The next step is to add 3-clip wefts on the sides of your head, which you should layer next to each other so it can seamlessly overlap and conceal your short layers. Add the fourth weft at the back of your head to connect the other extensions together, resulting in one long-flowing weft across your short mane. 

The Bottom Line: Adding Hair Extensions Seamlessly for Short Hair 

Sporting short hair can make for a fresh look, but if you don’t have the patience to let it grow out, hair extensions can let you get creative with your style with no extensive consequences to your mane. 

How Can We Glamorize Your Hair?

Styling your hair is a fun way to express your personality, but the choices can be limited when you’re sporting a short do. If you want to switch up your looks easily without having to pull and prod your hair, check out our Remy hair extensions at Foxy Locks. 

We’re a beauty salon in the UK that offers a wide range of natural hair extensions, so check us out if you’re looking to give your tresses a glamorous makeover. 

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