4 At-Home Hair Care Tips for Longer-Lasting Extensions

Extensions provide an easy and convenient way of transforming your locks into even better styles. However, while extensions look great right as you step out of the salon, you’re meant to take extra care of them once you get home. Properly caring for your hair extensions is the key to keeping them gorgeous for a long time.

A strict aftercare routine of your hair extensions is essential to boost their longevity. If you don’t have the time to do hours of maintenance appointments, then you can make do with at-home care. 

Here are the best hair care tips for longer-lasting extensions. Whether you’re an expert or new to hair care routines, these habits are very easy to do, and you’ll be guaranteed locks that last a long time!

1. The Hair Wash Routine

While it’s true that you can treat your extensions as you would your real, natural hair, there are some things to keep in mind. 

First, you shouldn’t use hair products that are too strong since they may end up damaging your extensions and your real hair. For your hair washing routine, it’s better to invest in salon-recommended shampoo and conditioner products that are specifically made for hair extensions. 

Hair extension types like micro rings that use small, silicone-lined copper rings or pre-taped wefts usually require specific measures to keep bonds secure and long-lasting. They must also contain the right ingredients to keep your extensions in good condition but still allow your natural hair to thrive.

That means you need to avoid products that have harmful ingredients, such as alcohol and sulfates, both of which strip your hair of its natural oils. As a result, your extensions are at risk of getting matted.

Why You Should Only Use Recommended Products

Once you have the right products for your natural hair and extensions, you can wash your hair without any worry. You’re free from panicking about how the products may react or harm your extensions and destroy your locks.

In addition, you should let the water flow down your hair as you wash it in the shower. Flipping it over the bath makes it prone to tangling, leading you to spend a few minutes longer getting ready as you brush out knots. 

As you wash, focus on putting shampoo on the roots to remove excess oil, and apply conditioner on the ends to keep them nourished. If you apply conditioner to your roots, that may cause the extensions to slip down your hair. Moreover, it’s better to use warm water as hot water strips your hair and scalp of natural oils.

2. The Before-Sleep Routine

Aside from properly washing your hair, you also need to do correct drying methods to ensure that your extensions won’t be damaged. 

While it may be tempting to head off to bed while your hair is still damp, it’s important to ensure that your locks are thoroughly dried before you go to bed. You should never sleep with wet hair, especially with your extensions. 

If you do, you’re putting your hair at risk of falling out, tangled, or matted, which is more likely to happen when you don’t follow up on maintenance appointments, too. 

Why You Need to Dry Your Extensions Thoroughly

In truth, your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, so sleeping with damp hair and tossing and turning around your bed can damage both your natural hair and your extensions. That may also lead to serious bedhead as you wake up in the morning, adding time to getting ready as you work on detangling it. 

Moreover, even if you do manage to brush out knots, you’ve still put your extensions’ bonds under immense pressure. Pulling at your scalp just to detangle your hair loosens those bonds.

3. The Brushing Routine

There is proper brushing etiquette dedicated for extensions alone, and it’s something that you need to follow, too, if you want your extensions to last. 

When you harshly brush your hair, you may notice strands of hair falling out. Your extensions will also become loose if you fail to care for them properly. Your extensions are more prone to develop tangling, but using the proper brushing method helps prevent this.

Why You Need a Proper Brushing Technique

Your extensions really are prone to tangling, but how you address this concern is what counts. First, you need to invest in a quality brush that is meant for extensions. Then, follow the sequence of beginning to brush at the ends and work your way up. This method causes the least strain on your hair, scalp and extensions. Overall, it keeps the three healthy. 

In addition, how many times you brush your hair in a day also matters. In fact, the more, the better, provided that you are gentle and follow the correct brushing sequence. But remember not to skip four important brushing periods: in the morning, before washing, after washing and before going to bed. 

4. The Treatment Routine

Nobody likes to have greasy hair. And while it can be frustrating to wake up to having oily roots, it means your hair is constantly fed with natural oils, keeping it nourished. That is guaranteed even when you have a laid-back haircare routine.

But since your extensions are bonded to the root, they don’t receive these natural oils. So, to keep them moisturised, smooth and shiny for a longer time, you need to schedule weekly conditioning treatments. 

Why You Need Conditioning Treatments

There are multiple ways to deep condition your hair extensions. As long as you don’t apply conditioner to the roots, you are free to use any products as you wish. However, hair care specialists put stress on using natural products since they’re affordable and guarantee complete hydration at the same time.

For instance, you can use argan oil, coconut oil, or macadamia oil, which are all perfect for keeping your hair shiny and smooth. But if you’re trying to get a little more creative, you can try your hand at making your own hair mask. There are numerous recipes on the web for that.


Properly caring for your hair extensions using the above guidelines ensures that they last longer. It also maintains your gorgeous locks and smooth and shiny hair. Following these at-home care tips ensure that your extensions last for a long time.

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