4 Hair Extensions Hacks for Everyday Styling – Our Guide

Your hair can transform your look in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, getting your desired hairstyle and exploring different hair colours by exposing your natural tresses to various chemicals can lead to follicle damage. Additionally, waiting for months just to have your preferred hair length can become frustrating. 

The good news is that you no longer have to worry about hair damage when you use natural hair extensions. Wearing them can add volume and length to your natural hair and let you play around with various looks. 

Using hair extensions can be intimidating at first. For instance, they come in different styles, volumes, lengths, colours, such as clip-in ponytail extensions. However, you can easily go from a newbie to a pro in no time by following these hacks:

1. Stack your hair extensions

A common problem among hair extension users with smaller heads is trying to fit all of their hair extensions on their heads. If you struggle with the same issue, try stacking them to save on space. 

Start by stacking two wefts together, then place them into your natural hair to create a voluminous look. This way, you can easily find room for all of your hair extensions, speed up your application process, and add volume to your hair’s bottom section. 

2. Braid your hair’s bottom layer

Wearing hair extensions means having to blend them as perfectly as possible with your natural hair. If you have shorter hairs, they can peek through the ends and ruin your seamless look by making it look obvious that you are wearing hair extensions. You can easily avoid this by braiding your hair’s bottom layer.

Gather your hair’s bottom layer at the nape of your neck, braid it, wrap it around itself against your head, then pin it in place with bobby pins. Afterwards, place your bottom-most weft near your hairpins and clip your hair extensions in from there. This way, you can have a more natural-looking and polished look and prevent your pesky shorter hairs from showing.

3. Use a hair extensions hanger

Your wefts can get pulled out of place when styling your hair. To avoid this and ensure a more painless hair styling process, invest in a hair extensions hanger. This item is designed to hold your wefts securely in place as you straighten or curl them and style them using both your hands. After styling, you can easily clip your already styled hair extensions to your natural hair and enjoy having your desired look.

4. Backcomb your roots

Ensure that your hair extensions securely stay in place by backcombing your roots. To do this, separate a section of your natural hair where you want to clip your hair extensions, then backcomb your roots with a teasing brush and apply dry shampoo to the area. Doing this hack will give your roots more texture and prevent your wefts from easily slipping.


Wearing hair extensions let you style your natural hair in a wide variety of ways. These are usually costly, especially when made of premium quality Remy hair, but they are worth your money. To make the most of your investment, follow the hacks listed above and get your best possible look.

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