4 Reasons Clip-in Hair Extensions Are Good for Damaged Hair

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your hair get damaged because of a bad experience with a hairstylist or a hair product you have used wrong. Your hair is your crowning glory, and seeing it in bad condition can bring down your whole look. If you are currently experiencing this, you do not have to worry. There are ways you can improve your look as you wait for your hair to grow back and regain its health. 

Wearing wigs or extensions can immediately turn your situation around. If you are worried about how they can affect your hair, this article will tell you why using clip-in hair extensions is a perfectly good idea. 

#1: They are easy to remove

Unlike glued or sewn hair extensions, you can take off clip-in hair extensions anytime you want. If you are using treatments to revive your hair, you will not have to worry about damaging your clip-in hair extensions. You can remove them for a while, proceed with your treatment, and use the extensions again later. 

Being able to remove your hair extensions will allow your hair to breathe normally again. That means your hair follicles will not experience any strain or tension.

#2: No need to apply heat to your hair

The great thing about hair extensions is that you can style them however you want. If you want waves or curls, you can use your curler and recreate the look. If you wish to have straight and flat hair or perhaps a volumed style, you can also do so. The best thing is that you can style the extensions even before wearing them. That means that your real hair will not need to suffer the same heat exposure as your hair extensions will get. It can help your natural hair recover faster without sacrificing your hairstyle.

#3: They require small combs

Brushes cause friction that can further damage your hair. If you want to prevent breaking your damaged hair, using small combs can help. A small-toothed comb can detangle the hair while only causing minimal strain to it. Its teeth can clasp securely onto your hair extension and, therefore, not cause any pain as you pull your comb away.

Clip-in hair extensions are also placed at least half an inch away from your roots. For that reason, your hair can breathe freely, and you will not apply any pressure on your roots whenever you comb it. 

#4: You have a wide range of options

Hair extensions come in various colours. If you love seeing your hair with colourful highlights, you can purchase coloured clip-in hair extensions and use them instead of worsening your current hair condition. With the help of hair extensions, you can remain creative with how your hair looks without the risk. 


Hair extensions can bring wonders to your look. If you want a safe way to style your already-damaged hair, using clip-in hair extensions can help. They are the best way to achieve various hairstyles without further harming your hair. They can let your scalp breathe and allow your hair to grow healthy.

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