5 Fun Ways to Accessorize Your Hair With Old Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great to have since they add volume and length to your hair. However, even the highest quality hair extensions eventually lose their shine and softness over time. But what do you do when the trusty hair extensions that have served you for months have lost their lustre?

The immediate response would be to throw them out. But that would be a waste since they can still serve a function. How? Well, you can repurpose your old hair extensions in a number of ways. Here are five fun things you can do with your old hair extensions.

1. Braided Hairband

Have you ever wanted to be a woodland nymph gliding through a mystical forest? Well, it may be unlikely to turn into one, but you can sure look like one.

There’s a certain charm to the whole woodsy fairytale aesthetic. And this look often involves a braided hairband with flowers daintily decorated around it.

Unless you’re doing cosplay, it might seem weird to don this particular look in modern times, but incorporating just the braided hairband aspect seems kind of nice. But despite the cute look, it may be tedious to do your hair in this style more frequently.

However, there is a shortcut you can take. You can use your old hair extensions to create a braid and use it as a hairband. All you’ll need to do is secure the ends and clip them underneath your hair for a clean look. 

2. Messy Hair Bun

If you want a cute little updo that seems chic and effortless, messy buns are the way to go. Messy hair buns are so diverse that you can wear them at a function or on a regular day at your job. And the thing is, the curated messiness adds a lot of character to the look.

But sometimes, your hair is too short to create a full bun, or it may not turn out as voluminous as you thought it would. Thankfully, your old hair extensions can step in to do the work for you.

To achieve a messy bun with old extensions, you’ll need a hair doughnut. The illusion of a thick and voluminous bun comes from wrapping your old hair extensions around the hair doughnut. You can then pin the ends to the doughnut’s underside or glue them there for a more permanent accessory. And for a sexy, slightly undone look, you can pull a few random strands out of the bun.

3. Clip-In Fringe

We’ve all had the urge to get a fringe. But sometimes, it can be scary to take that leap since it’ll take a while to grow back, and there’s no way to know if it will look good on us. Or is there?

Using your old clip-in extensions as a temporary fringe is a genius idea. It gives your old extensions another purpose while allowing you to try on a totally different look. Plus, there are no regrets here since you won’t be cutting your actual hair.

To transform your old extensions into a clip-in fringe, you’ll first have to clip it into the front of your hair. Next comes the snipping. Make sure you secure your actual hair away from your face, so you don’t accidentally cut them in the process. 

When cutting your old extensions into a fringe, don’t immediately cut to where you want the ends of your fringe to be. You’d want to provide a little allowance and adjust as you go. After all, you can always cut it to a shorter length, but you can’t undo a cut you’ve already made.

4. Clip-In Braids

You can do so much with braided hair. However, braiding your hair to the style you want can be such a time-consuming process. This is where clip-in braids come in handy.

Clip-in braids can add texture and definition to your hair. And while there are ready-made braids out there, you can save some cash by just using your old hair extensions.

All you really have to do is take out your old clip-in extensions and braid them to the style you want. And there you have it. You’ve got yourself some braided hair at the ready. 

With these clip-in braids, you can give people the illusion of a well-crafted braid that took several minutes to create. But in reality, you really just clipped them onto your hair and made some minor adjustments.

5. Clip-In Highlights

Experimenting with hair colour seems like an awesome idea. However, dyeing your hair is such a big commitment, even if it’s just trying out some highlights. And bleaching and dyeing your hair often can lead to damaged hair over time. Luckily, we have a little cheat that will give you the colour streaks you want without actually dyeing your hair.

Turning your old hair extensions into clip-in highlights is a commitment-free way to try a whole new look. If you want to dip your toes in the water first, you can use old blonde extensions for a classic hair highlights look. And if you’re feeling a little quirky, you can take it up a notch and add some colour into the mix. 

You can try a single streak of colour or go full-on with colourful highlights. And if you want something really eye-catching, you can even do a fun little rainbow highlight look. It may not be a look you can wear every day, but it’ll certainly be great for partying or going to music festivals. 

You’ll have so many options to choose from, and it’s not as temporary as actually dyeing your hair. Plus, when you use clip-in highlights, you can even try a few different looks and colours for different occasions. 

Final Thoughts

While our trusty hair extensions may not last forever, that doesn’t mean we should immediately chuck them away when their time has come. Instead, why not repurpose them for a hassle-free hair look? There’s so much you can do with your old hair extensions. You can pre-braid them for an easy braided hairband or clip-in braids. Or you can use them to try out new styles you may not be willing to fully commit to yet. Indeed, the possibilities are endless.

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