5 Must-Know Tips When Purchasing Hair Extensions – Our Guide

Women love their hair and often invest hundreds, or even thousands of dollars annually taking care of it. Whether it is a trip to the parlour, all the shampoos and hair care products, or other forms of aesthetic upkeep, a woman’s hair is one of her best assets. Unfortunately, not everyone has the genetic makeup that allows voluminous hair growth that has a powerful look to it. 

Before chalking it off to genetics and just giving up on your hair’s growth, there are many ways to go about getting the style you want. One of the most significant products that have made waves in the styling world are extensions. These thick clip-in human hair extensions allow users to have the lengthy and voluminous style they dream of having. 

Here are some things that those who plan to get a set of extensions need to know beforehand:

1. Length and Volume are Inseparable

Hair extensions need to match up the specifications of a person’s natural hair fibres. If the person has thicker hair, there will be more packs of clip-in hair extensions needed to match up the volume they have. It would look strange to see someone with only a few strands of extensions dangling past their shoulders, which is why some people may require more packs to make up for this. 

A proper hair stylist will know what needs to be done with the extensions and will tell you that thicker hair generally requires more extension products to match up to the length and volume rule. 

2. There is a Bit of Weight to It

Expect to carry some extra weight to your head, as you are adding more hair to it, after all. While this might not be a significant weight, it can come as a shock to new users due to the strange feeling of heaviness extensions give off. This discomfort will slowly fade as your neck gets used to the feeling over time. 

3. You Need to Be Careful to Make Them Last

You’ll need TLC for even the highest quality clip-in hair extension products to last. They are still an unnatural addition to your head, which means that while they will last up to six months, neglecting to care for them will cause them to fall off. These products require special care routines in terms of brushing, applying the proper care products, and being gentle with touching them. 

Roughly brushing or being in a rush to get ready can cause these to fall off, which is a waste of high-quality human hair products. 

4. These Are Not Cheap

These hair extensions are by no means cheap, as they use human hair to give a natural look and feel. You might be shocked to see the prices, but these are normal when it comes to investing in aesthetics. However, with the prices come quality. When they’re installed and cared for by a proper stylist, you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth. 

5. DIY Isn’t Recommended

While you may think you’ll be saving money by trying to attach these yourself, think of the costs of each pack and what will happen if you mess up. Having a professional stylist run the process of connecting these and making sure they look beautiful and natural is always the way to go. If you would not dare cut your own hair, then it makes sense not to toy with it in any way. 


Hair extensions are a great way to get thick and voluminous hair that lasts long and looks fantastic. Consider buying high-quality clip-in additions for an amazing look and feel that is unlike any other. 

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