5 Reasons to Convince You to Get Clip in Hair Extensions

If you’ve just gotten a haircut that you immediately regretted and you suddenly wished that your hair would grow faster, you don’t have to stress out too much. Fortunately, you can consider using clip in hair extensions to solve your problems without having to wait forever for your hair to be longer!

Hair extensions are made from firm synthetic fibre and human hair, giving you the chance to make the most out of your experience with clip ins. But before you jump right into purchasing your first set of hair extensions, you have to know their benefits and if they will suit your case.

Keep reading below to find out why getting clip in hair extensions is the right decision for you.

They Won’t Damage Your Real Hair

Compared to visiting the salon for hair services, buying good clip in hair extensions won’t affect your hair because they’re much gentler than other kinds of extensions. While you wait for your hair to become long again, these won’t add pressure to your hair nor will these slow down its growth.

You can prevent adding too much tension to your natural hair by applying some hair spray to your roots to develop more texture before putting on your new extensions. You can also consider braiding your hair in small portions so that you can attach it even better.

They Come In Different Colors And Styles

Hair extensions come in various hairstyles. You can choose one that leans towards your natural hair by selecting extensions that are one shade darker—or you can completely change up your look by picking either black, blonde, or brunette clip in hair extensions.

You can also expect to see hair extensions in different hairstyles, giving people the chance to decide between straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair. Whatever you’re in the mood for, clip in hair extensions can change your appearance and give you a boost of confidence!

They Can Be Removed Whenever You Want

What’s nice about clip in hair extensions is that you can remove them whenever you want without taking too long going through the process. After having a long day and you just want to jump in bed and get some rest, you can easily take them off to give your natural hair a break.

You can also consider applying hair treatments on your real hair to give it some nutrients and speed up its growth. Just remember that sleeping with clip in ponytail extensions can significantly affect your hair.

They Require Less Maintenance Than Your Real Hair

Compared to your real hair that requires thorough care and regular maintenance, clip in hair extensions do not need that much attention, so long as you learn to brush them twice a day. You will need to manage your hair extensions before you wear them and when you remove them to avoid experiencing tangles.

You can also apply a hair serum to your extensions to maintain their smoothness and quality condition, but learn to use products adequately, so you don’t overdo it and end up with oily extensions. 

They Are Suitable For People With Healthy Hair

It’s important to take note that if you have badly damaged hair, using clip in hair extensions may not be a good idea because they will only end up adding to your hair breakage. If you have severe falling hair and you want to cover them up, it’s better to get your situation treated first.

Besides that, if you take care of your hair and don’t experience hair problems, you can use thick clip in human hair extensions to give you an exact look you want to achieve. Whatever hairstyle you want to rock, you can find hair extensions that will satisfy your needs. 


Considering clip in hair extensions can serve as a quick fix that allows you to maintain great looks while waiting for your real hair to grow back. They won’t damage your hair, come in different colours and styles, can be removed whenever you want, and aren’t high-maintenance. There’s virtually no setback to using them—so augment your look with natural clip ins today!

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