5 Reasons You Should Start Using Hair Extensions Today – What to Know

If you’re a fan of long, wavy locks or a razor-straight waist-length ‘do, you probably know that extensions play a part in achieving that. Whether you have clip-in hair extensions or get them sewn in at a salon, this hair accessory is great for adding volume and length to your hair. If you’re on the fence about getting extensions, look no further. We give you several reasons why it’s time for you to take the plunge today.

They give you great hair without the hassle

If your hair does not grow past a certain point, hair extensions could help you achieve your perfect length. No matter how much care you give your strands, if you are genetically predisposed to shorter hair, you will find it challenging to grow your hair.

Extensions work the other way as well; they help you hide a bad hair day. If you have haircut regret, you can use extensions to camouflage it. No need to wear floppy hats to hide the damage!

They help you experiment with colour

Hair extensions make it simple for you to try various colours. If you’ve always wanted to try a new shade but worry about the long-term commitment to colouring your hair, you can use clip-in hair extensions and switch as often as your mood dictates. The great thing about it is your hair won’t need long-term colour treatment if you use extensions!

They help you deal with hair loss

Thinning hair can hamper anyone’s self-esteem. When you use extensions, you can get your confidence back and start walking with your head high. If you get natural hair extensions, it’s even better; since they’re made from human hair, this variant will blend in easily with your hair and help you maintain a flawless, effortless look.

They help you express yourself

Hair extensions will make your hairstyle more attractive. Since they provide more length, volume and depth of colour, they provide visual contrast to your natural hair. Turn your ponytail, braid, or bun into an intricate hairdo; you would not need more than a few wefts and some style pegs!

For instance, you could braid a three-clip weft and make a headband. Doing this is an excellent way of accentuating an updo for formal events. Depending on your styling, you could also use this hairstyle in summer festivals or outdoor parties.

They are a quick way of dressing your hair up

Giving your hair an extra oomph for weddings and graduations is easy when you use hair extensions. Do you want voluminous curls for your prom night, an ombre look for your wedding? You could achieve both with the right kinds of extensions! Some of the most luxurious sets of extensions range from 24 inches (280g) to 26 inches (300g), giving your hair unbeatable volume and thickness on your special day.


Having hair extensions give you a boost of confidence. They help you change your look dramatically and accessorise for all types of occasions. Whether you want glamour, understated beauty, or something in between, there is a hair extension set for you!

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