5 Simple Steps for Maintaining Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

Girls generally want to have thick, bouncy hair, which they can style in various ways. Not everyone can achieve that kind of growth—some people are genetically predisposed to have thin hair. However, you can reach your styling goals by using clip-in hair extensions. Here are the things you could expect when you get this type of enhancement for your hair.

Step 1: preparations

Before the procedure, decide on your weft’s width and length. The weft is the collection of hair strands that you will secure to your natural hair. Once you have done this, brush your natural hair and remove tangles before clipping on the weft. Use a soft paddle brush to do this.

Step 2: clipping the main extensions

Then, you have to find the perfect spot to clip your extensions. Ensure you have combed your hair the way you usually do and hold it in with a clip. Take the extensions and brush it as well; start from the bottom and work your way to the weft to remove tangles.

To ensure a perfect fit, measure the weft against your head. Find the centre, clip the middle into your roots, and make sure the clip is as close to the roots as possible. Prevent the clip from sliding down by teasing it to create a secure grip. If you’re satisfied with the way you have positioned the middle clip, fasten the left and right sides of the extensions in place.

Step 3: clipping other extensions

Repeat the same steps for your smaller wefts. The main weft, which you clip to the back of your head, will have four clips. You could also have shorter clip-in hair extensions—some types have one, two, and three clips for fastening. The three- or two-clip extensions go on the sides of your head, and the one-clip variants can be added to places that need more volume in general.

Step 4: washing and conditioning

Remember to wash and condition your extensions as you would do for normal hair. Run a brush through them to prevent tangles, and use lukewarm water to wet the strands. 

It is best to use paraben-free shampoo; a quarter-sized dollop of the product is enough to clean most types of extensions, but you can always use a little more if necessary. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly afterwards.

You can follow this up with a Paraben-free conditioner. Like you would with normal hair, let the conditioner sit for a couple of minutes before thoroughly washing it out with lukewarm water. Rinse it well to prevent it from accruing a filmy residue after conditioning.

Step 5: letting dry

Finally, once your extensions are clean and rinsed out, you can pat it dry using a towel. Do not rub the hair; this could cause the strands to tangle and might lead to permanent damage. Lay the extensions on top of a towel or use a hanger specifically for drying this out. Spraying some leave-in conditioner is also good, but it is not necessary.


You can style your hair better when you have voluminous hair. If you’re prepping for an event or want to have fun, it’s always better to have more hair to style. Achieve your hair goals by using clip-in extensions; whether you have straight strands or wavy locks, there are hair extensions for you!

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