5 Tips to Perfectly Apply Extensions to Your Short Hair

Haircuts are always fun to have and experiment with. Whether it’s new bangs or chopping off a considerable length, you can feel like a different person once you’ve changed your look. However, no matter how fun it is to have a short bob, you may be looking for those voluminous long locks you used to have. 

Luckily, you’re just a hair extension application away from achieving that style again. It can take a couple of steps to get the extensions to blend like a dream, so make sure you get a type that your stylist would recommend and is easy to work with. Here’s some advice you can take note of to make your extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair. 

Pin Your Hair’s Underlayer

The initial step to making it seem like you’re not wearing extensions is to choose the ideal place to clip them in. For short-haired gals, we recommend the nape of your neck. You can gently tease the roots if you find your hair to be a little too thin, as it will help the clips grip a little better on the hair.

After teasing it, tame the underlayer with a comb before twisting it. Use a couple of pins to flatten that hair section and secure it in place.

Use Complimentary Colors

Choose good hair extensions that will match your hair so that it will all look seamless and part of your natural hair. Aside from getting an exact colour match, you may want to consider getting lighter-coloured strands. With the right hues and shades, it’s easy to make it look like you’ve just come from the salon with fresh and new highlights.

Clip the Extensions Higher

Short hair can be a little tricky to work with, as some people can quickly tell the difference. To make it seem a little more natural, make your hair extension placement a little higher than you’d typically do. As you add more layers of extensions, it will make your overall natural hair thicker and longer. You can ask for help from stylists and friends if you aren’t too adept at application yet.

Be Creative With Your Wefts

A weft is a type of hair extension that’s perfect for short hair because it can be easily layered in different parts of your hair. If you find that your underlayer is still poking through, use three wefts beside each other to conceal and cover the back to make it look natural. You can also use the weft to position them to the front of your face, framing your face and helping the illusion of longer layers.

Create More Volume Through Curls

Your hair extensions will fit with your hair better if they have the same style. You can never go wrong with some beachy waves or classic curls, so carefully style the extensions before application. Once you have your permed extensions on, you can finish it up by curling the top layer of your head. Before you know it, you’re done with the look, and people would never know you had a crop cut.


It can be enjoyable and a self-esteem boost to see you rock your short natural hair and the lengthy wavy extensions on any occasion. Just remember to be gentle with your hair extensions so you can reuse them again when you feel like being a long-haired baddie for the day.

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