5 Tips When Choosing the Best Shade of Brown Hair Extensions

There’s something about brunettes that looks effortlessly stunning. Different shades of brown elevate a woman’s natural beauty in more ways than one, from adding a touch of fieriness with auburn tones, a passionate flair with bronze highlights, to understated elegance with deep, chocolate hues. 

Whether you’re a natural brunette or coloured your locks in chestnut, you can never go wrong with the simplicity and sensibility brown brings. But if you’re looking to add a glamorous oomph to your hairstyle, then adding brown hair extensions can make your amber tresses look more luscious, voluminous, and picture-perfect. However, it’s important to complement your hair-do with the right shades of brown hair extensions to create a flawlessly seamless look. 

Choosing the Best Shade of Brown Hair Extensions

If you’re ready to add beautiful colour to your brunette locks, then it’s time to look into the different shades of brown hair extensions available. Each colour will bring a unique tone to your hair, whether you choose the lightest or darkest brown. Be sure to consider the shade of your natural hair before you proceed to buy any hair extensions, as this will determine the overall colour of your newly dyed hair.

1. The Coolest Shade of Brown Hair Extensions

If you have naturally blonde strands but you want to dive into the world of brown hair, it’s best to start with the coolest shade of brown hair extensions for a more natural transition. The ash tones in these types of brunette hair extensions are often achieved through chemical reactions, so you can expect a cool, luminous blonde-brown shade with a hint of silver.

2. The Deepest Shade of Brown Hair Extensions

Deep and dark brown hair extensions will always be the most popular shade of brown hair extensions that women are drawn to. They’re easy to style and maintain, which shines as one of the top reasons why most brunettes love going deeper with their hair. The richness of the brown can provide deep and dark undertones for both warm and cool complexions, so it’s an easy transition for people with both skin tones.

3. The Medium Shade of Brown Hair Extensions

If you’re looking to achieve the “in-between” colour with medium brown hair extensions, they’ll give you the natural shade of brown that’s ideal for a lot of women who aren’t fond of going too dark and too light. The medium brown hair extensions are often used as transitional shades that flow down naturally to lighter and darker shades, so they’re ideal for women who appreciate the nuances of colour in their hair.

4. The Lightest Shade of Brown Hair Extensions

If you’re looking to add some hair colour to your ombre-inspired hairstyles, then the lightest shade of brown hair extensions is the most ideal. These types of hair extensions are completely bleach-free, meaning the rich brown colour is achieved through the unique colouring process and natural oils of the hair. The lightest shade of brown hair extensions offers a flawlessly natural look to your already-striking hairstyle.

5. The Brightest Shade of Brown Hair Extensions

Like the darkest shade of brown hair extensions, the most vibrant and luminous brown hair extensions are only achieved through chemical processing. These hair extensions are created through bleaching, which may damage your hair most of the time. However, if you’re looking to achieve blonde and yellow highlights, the brightest shade of brown hair extensions will give you the effect you’re looking for.

A Closer Look on Different Brunette Looks for Your Hair

If you’re ready to dive into the world of brunettes, here are some different shades of brown that may catch your eye: 

  • Mocha Brown – If you have a darker skin tone, then you’ll want to shine a spotlight on your rich and luxurious skin hue. The mocha shade of brown hair extensions combines the richness of the darkest shades of brown with the warmth of auburn and chestnut tones to create an undeniably gorgeous colour. The combination of rich reds and dark browns makes the mocha colour ideal for women looking for darker brown hair extensions.
  • Dark Brown – Luxurious, healthy, voluminous, and luscious – these are all words that describe deep brunette hair. Dark brown hair has a luxurious lustre that isn’t matched by any other shade of brown. Because brunettes have more melanin in their hair, there is a depth to the colour that is often missed in lighter shades. This adds a rich, lustrous lustre to your brown hair extensions.
  • Chocolate Brown – The rich, earth tones that are included in chocolate brown hair extensions are perfect for women who want to add a touch of sophistication to their hair. The dark-brown tones in these hair extensions are often complemented by a few lighter highlights, making the colour look more voluminous and luminous.
  • Chestnut Brown – If you’re a woman blessed with auburn or strawberry blonde locks, then the chestnut shade of brown hair extensions will give your hair a breathtaking beauty. The beautiful red undertones in the chestnut strands will bring out the fiery streaks in your hair, while the hints of brown provide a luminous radiance that warms up your look.
  • Ash Brown – Depending on the depth of the colour and how it interacts with your natural hair colour, ash brown hair extensions can look ashy, light brown, golden, or even red. While the transformation will depend on your natural hair colour, anyone can pull off this gorgeous shade of brown hair extensions.

The Bottom Line: How to Find the Perfect Color of Brown Hair Extensions

Trying out different shades of brown hair extensions is the perfect way to see how the different shades complement your complexion, hair, and lifestyle. Professionals also suggest that you experiment with different shades of brown hair extensions to find the one that’s perfect for you. Just remember to take your time because you’re leaping a new colour scheme.

However, if you’re still having difficulty picking out the right shade of brown hair extensions, then allowing a colourist to choose the right shade of brown hair extensions for you is a great way to make a bold statement with your new hair.

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