A Complete Guide to Styling Ombre-Coloured Hair Extensions

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to think about what special look you’re going to rock these next few months. There will surely be plenty of photos and videos taken, so it’s best to ensure that you look good from every position and angle.

One place that’s best to start with is your hair. These locks will be framing your face and set the tone for what your clothes and makeup should look like, so it’s best to select something that will let you experiment with your hair while ensuring that you’re looking good.

One way of accomplishing a good look is through ombre-coloured hair extensions. Not only will you build up the thickness of your hair and give you more to work with when styling, but you can also subtly change up the colour or lengthen your hair if you want to. Continue reading this complete guide on how to best style your hair and ombre-coloured extensions.

Hair Color

Ombre hair extensions are a great way of changing up the hue of your hair without adding any bleach or colourant to your natural locks. There’s also a wide range of options, from the loudest colours down to just some simple, earthy tones. Here are some great ombre options that you can consider for your hairstyle this season:

  • Tips. Putting on extensions that have your natural hair colour with the tips in a different colour will be quite a simple way of sprucing up your festive look. Whether it’s in a darker or lighter shade, it will look simply flawless and attainable to the point that you’ll get questions of whether they’re real or not.
  • Blend. If you want to be a little extra and seem like you have highlights and more on the top of your head, choosing a blend of different coloured ombre hair extensions is the way to go. For example, meticulously applying a darker blonde with a brown terracotta extension can emphasise the hues much better.
  • Gradient. Less harsh than just ombre tips, a gradient ombre that transitions halfway from one colour to the next can be quite breathtaking. Even if it’s within the same colour family, having the tone altered, darkened or lightened a little may make you a showstopper at the parties this month.

Hair Length

Aside from hair colour and the way it looks, another thing that you’re going to want to think about is the length of the hair that you want to project. There are plenty of extensions that go for more than 20 inches, so you wouldn’t have a problem in lengthening your hair. At the same time though, you could potentially cut the strands to make them short. Here are your main choices:

  • Long. If you’ve always had short hair and you’re having a change of heart as the year ends, get extensions that are a little longer. Especially with the ombre effect that you’re trying to go for, that shift in hair colour will be much more evident when the hair is running a little longer.
  • Short. Alternatively, if you want to keep things short, there are hair extensions that can help you maintain that specific length. You can still emulate that ombre effect too. Alongside that, the clip-ins will add some volume to ensure that your hairpieces and overall look won’t fall flat both in person or on camera.
  • Medium. When you’re in need of a middle ground for your hair length during the holidays, a medium length would be a good way to go. Just adjust the extension size a little bit when ordering, or get a short trim while wearing your extensions. With the right cut and your hair ending by your collarbone, you’re surely ready to turn heads.

Hair Style

For the piece de resistance, it’s time to pick the actual hairstyle. The possibilities are simply endless when you’re experimenting with your hair, but it’s only natural to look a little more dolled up on those special occasions. Here are some subtle, glamorous suggestions on how to style your hair on Christmas, New Years’ Eve and more:

  • Curled. If you’ve typically had straight hair, it may be ideal to try something new. With the extra extensions improving the volume of your locks, it’d look even more gorgeous in those tighter curls. Just ensure that the ombre hair extensions you end up with are high quality and can handle heat from a curling iron.
  • Wavy. Opting for some loose beach waves can also look magnificent when you want to take the curls down a notch. Especially with darker coloured hair that transitions to a lighter hue, the waves would be able to accentuate that gradient softly and perfectly. Coloured tips appear just like a dream with wavy hair too.
  • Bangs. Whether you’re going with face-framing bangs, short side bangs or just a full-on fringe, getting clip-in hairpieces can really change the way you look. Experiment with what looks good with your face shape and makeup to figure out what works best for your night look.
  • Pixie. A pixie cut has always had this fantasy-like ambience to it, and that’s amplified even more with ombre hair extensions. Go for this short cut if you want to shake things up, as well as draw more attention to yourself. Pixie hairstyles will be perfect for those who want to show off their jawline and neck while playing with their hair’s hue.
  • Sleek Bob. If you’re eyeing to be a bit more sophisticated, opting for a sleek and straight hair bob would be a good way to go. This hairstyle would look lovely for blended ombre hair extensions with shifting highlights, and you could even throw on some additional hair accessories such as pins or clips to glam up.
  • Simple Pony. Going with a simple ponytail can never go wrong when you want to keep your hair up, no matter the length. Try out pigtails and fishtails as well if you want to keep your hair look fun. Even a classic braid to emulate a beautiful ice queen this season will surely be fun to prepare and wear.


There are a million directions you can go with your natural hair and clip-in extensions this holiday, but you don’t have to limit your knowledge and execution to these occasions. When you discover a style that works for you, wear it all year-round in 2022.

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