A Comprehensive Guide to Ponytail Hair Extension Styles

When it comes to hair extensions, many people would be surprised to find that it’s not a “one size fits all” situation. There are plenty of styles (and colours!) available to meet a wide range of needs and wants. Ponytail hair extensions, in particular, are beloved for the way they allow for style despite hot weather conditions. They just look cool matter the weather.

The Ponytail Hair Extension

It seems basic, but it’s the kind of simplicity that lends itself to versatility! Swept away and/or pulled back hair gives off a classic, chic look. Ideally, the best method is to get ponytail hair extensions of the best quality, of course. The key lies in making sure that it’s made out of natural hair. This way, it achieves a real feel and makes nobody any wiser that the person is actually wearing a wig. Additionally, hairlines are much more healthy since no harmful chemicals or synthetic fibres are involved.

Made from real hair, it’s an accessory that can give the illusion of natural hair being thicker and longer. It comes in especially handy for formal events or special occasions in general. Low-column or high hairstyles alike can be created with no issue. And to upgrade the ponytail look, you can pair it with curtain bangs. 

As previously mentioned, ponytail hair extensions can come in a curly style. Tight curls and wavy curls alike are readily available. 2020 saw the rise of curly hair as a trend again, and it’s still ongoing to this day. Short-haired girls looking to grow their hair out can see what it’s like with those extensions.

Ponytail Hair Extensions Are Colorful

They usually come in more than just “blonde”, “black” or “brown”: chestnut, caramel, cocoa, mahogany and even jet black. It’s also possible to get them in a number of styles like straight, wavy or curly. There are even ombre ponytails! One of the most popular options is smoke grey since it doesn’t require bleaching or dyeing the real hair.

How Long Will a Ponytail Hair Extension Last?

A wig, in general, has a lifespan that depends wholly on how you maintain it. The best possible course of action is to care for a wig as if it were real hair too. Here are basic care instructions to follow:

  • Not brushing hair when wet
  • Proper care according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Use hair conditioners

With the right care, high-quality wigs that are made from reputable sources can have a lifespan of several years. This is despite regular use and thickness; it’s all in the maintenance.

What’s the Ideal Way to Put on Ponytail Hair Extensions?

Some people prefer to visit the salon or book an at-home service to install a wig or hair extensions. When it comes to the ponytail hair extension, in particular, attachment or installation can be done personally. 

Here is a great step-by-step routine to getting that done:

  • Be Well-Prepared – It’s crucial to be ready for everything in life. Getting one’s hair done or, in this case, attaching an accessory is no different. Hair powder or hairspray should be on hand for adding more texture and grip. That way, attaching the ponytail hair extension will be done as securely as possible.
  • Define the Ponytail – Hair needs to be divided according to the person’s preference. Ponytails can either be central or on the side, after all. Afterwards, the natural hair can be fixed into a ponytail hair extension with the use of an elastic band. The position can be determined as it’s tied. A pair of hair extensions, in some cases, can make for nice pigtails.
  • Add the Ponytail to the Hair – It’s convenient and pretty fast to clamp a ponytail to hair. A metal comb just has to be hooked on the ponytail hair extension’s base. The ponytail as a whole has to be pinched right above the hair’s ends.

As a finishing touch, a small portion of hair or a lock with the same colour should be used to cover the wig tip. If there are unruly strands found under the ponytail hair extension, a stapler may be in order.

What Kind of Looks Can Be Made with Ponytail Hair Extensions?

There’s a lot of room for creativity with ponytail hair extensions. Consider these looks:

Double Twisted – For a more playful appearance, this look goes a long way. It allows for a wealth of creative expression. 

  • Clamp hair in shafts, making sure hair is midway and upside down
  • Leave strands on the nape that can cover the others
  • Clamp remaining weft, but upside down
  • Gather it all into a tall horse
  • Drag random parts, teasing considerably
  • Loosen it just a little through a gentle tug on the crown or top

Long and Romantic – This can be achieved using 3-4 weft clips in the ponytail hair extension. It’s classy and great for dates or black-tie affairs.

  • Tie hair into a low ponytail
  • Have each thread clamped around it
  • Clamp the first weft close to the elastic for the remaining weft to have space
  • Tie up hair’s stands, secure ponytail with a hair tie
  • Create soft curls, brushing out gently after

Sleek and High – A single weft and an elastic band can go a long way for this stylish look. It’s also suitable for black-tie affairs and even high fashion looks.

  • Make a small ponytail on the crown
  • Clip a weft around the pony’s base close to the elastic
  • Tighten all clips
  • Pull remaining hair into a high pony, cover clip’s base in wefts
  • Smoothen the extension, keep any flyaways
  • Conceal elastic with a small section of hair


There are plenty of hair extensions available on the market. One of the most popular ones is the ponytail hair extension, which adds thickness and volume to real hair. It comes in plenty of colours like ombre, various browns and blondes as well as black. Style-wise, they’re available in curly, straight or even wavy.

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