A Comprehensive Guide When It Comes to Hair Extensions

Understandably, many people assume that all hair extensions are “one size fits all.” Others have quite a number of questions and end up rather overwhelmed more than anything. Let’s clear up a major misconception right here: wigs and clip-in hair extensions are two very different things.

Clip-in hair extensions, sometimes referred to as clip-in weaves, is easily the fastest, easiest and safest way for thick, long hair in minutes. The clips are already attached when it comes to clip-in hair extensions. In this blog, we’re going to explore clip-in hair extensions more in-depth.

Aside from that, we’re also going to answer several frequently asked questions that people have when it comes to clip-in hair extensions and the like. This includes looking into the matter of whether or not human hair and synthetic hair have a difference, among other things.

The Basics of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Different sized extensions come with different numbers of clips. For example, a one clip extension is made of a single clip that you attach to your natural hair. A 2 clip extension has two clips, and so on. In total, a set of clip-in hair extensions typically includes several different sized wefts of hair. 

It’s a great way for people to get longer, thicker hair instantly. Aside from eliminating all the hassle, it’s also incredibly affordable and allows for short-term commitment instead of the long-term.

Ideally, for you to be able to wear clip-in hair extensions, your hair would run shoulder length (anywhere from 6 to 7 inches). This is the best length that can really help hair to blend in naturally. Hair that’s shorter than that will end up making hiding wefts very difficult.

Colour-wise, there are a number of clip-in hair extensions that can be availed of: varying shades of browns to reds, blondes and black. In some cases, there are also rather special shades for an extra vibrant splash. (Blues, greens, purple and so on.)

Are Hair Extensions Tough To Wear?

No, all clip-in hair extensions need is a little practice. Installation will then become easy and quick. It’s just a matter of the clips being snapped open while they’re clipped close to the hair’s roots. This allows them to be securely kept in place without making themselves obvious.

Practice makes perfect; eventually, it will take you less than 10 minutes to put them on. 

All About Longevity

It may go without saying, but the duration of clip-in hair extensions depends on factors such as:

  • How often the hair extensions are worn
  • How well the hair extensions are taken care of
  • What products are used for the care of hair extensions

When regularly worn as well as cared for the way they should be, extensions can last from 6 months all the way up to a year.

How To Go About Choosing Hair Extensions

Many people struggle with figuring out the best hair extensions for them. In truth, you need to take two key things into consideration at this point: your lifestyle and your existing, natural hair. Are you a very active person (do you do a lot of dancing, playing sports regularly, swimming, working out)? Do you take a lot of showers? 

Clip-in hair extensions can be taken out and put back in easily as needed. If you’re going to the beach, for example, you can take them out as you go swimming in the sea then have them back in your hair in time for dinner! Aside from helping proper hygiene along, it also helps with the overall duration of hair extensions. Best of all, it keeps hair from incurring considerable damage. Speaking of which:

Is There Any Damage That Comes From Hair Extensions?

Different types and application methods of hair extensions matter, especially when it comes to hair damage. Some hair extensions bond to your existing hair using adhesives, glues, and tacks. This can take a significant toll on your hair over time. 

Clip-in hair extensions don’t really cause damage because they are applied to your existing hair like any regular hair clip or pin. Additionally, since they are not being worn overnight or used nonstop for long periods of time, you cause less stress on your hair.

What’s the Best Way For Hair Extensions To Be Styled?

Hair extensions can be clipped in and styled in plenty of ways! They are best known for adding both length and volume to hair, which lends itself to several styles. Some looks, on the other hand, will need a pop of colour which hair extensions can provide easily.

Great ways to style hair extensions include:

  • Braid
  • Bun
  • Curls
  • Ponytail

What Are the Benefits of Using Hair Extensions?

  • They can be coloured according to your preferences without any damage to your actual hair
  • You can blend them easily into your hair no matter the quality and texture needed
  • You will instantly have more volume in your hair
  • Your look will improve according to the length you want

Hair Extensions: How Much Do They Actually Cost?

The first thing you will want to do is decide what type of hair extensions you are going to purchase. The price range for synthetic hair extensions is $60-$85. On the other hand, the price range for real human hair extensions is $100-$500 and beyond. Since you’re spending money anyway, why not go for the best in terms of quality?

Human hair extensions are a cut above synthetic hair extensions, well worth every dime. It will be convenient for you to wash and style them like you would your own hair.


Clip-in hair extensions are an amazing way to help hair get longer and thicker in an instant. They come in varying shades of blonde, browns, reds and black. It’s not a “one size fits all” situation: different extension sizes come with a varying amount of clips. Hair extensions can be styled in ways such as the bun, the braid, the ponytail and even curls. Benefits include instantly having more volume in the hair, being able to colour hair without affecting natural hair and having the desired length of hair readily available.

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