A Guide to Choosing the Right Ponytail Extension Online

Natural hair extensions are a great tool to alter the way your hair looks without changing its original form. They come in different types, colours, and textures to meet your unique needs. They also add volume and length to your hair without causing any damage. 

However, all these choices and variations can make the experience for the first-time extension users a bit daunting. Before you get overwhelmed, this article will help you find the best hair extensions for you, particularly when it comes to ponytail extensions.

What is a ponytail extension?

Not everyone is born with full and thick hair—which is where ponytail extensions come to the rescue! These hair extensions are some of the easiest ways to add length and fullness to fine and thin-looking ponytails. Like other types of hair extensions, they also come in a variety of lengths and thickness to suit your current hair length and texture. 

Here are some things to consider when buying a ponytail hairpiece online: 

Do not rely on internet images

There is nothing more important than doing your research and making sure that what your purchase will be worth the money. Just because the online shop you are eyeing posts beautiful images of the ponytail extensions does not mean that you should already make your purchase! 

It is highly possible that the product will look quite different in reality. It can be shorter than you imagine or have a lighter shade from what you thought it seems. These may be slight differences, but they can hinder you from achieving the look you were going for. 

What you can do:

  • Take a closer look at the product. If you can find samples, then do so and check them out. Seeing the actual product will lessen the risks of buying a product not even close to what you need. 
  • If seeing the product in person is not an option, ask the seller to send you photos of the products on-hand. Have one showing the product alone, placed on the side of a model, and when worn by the model. That will help manage your expectations! 

Make sure to ask them to send you new photos and not the same images they posted on their site.

  • Check product reviews. They are the best help you can get in assessing the quality of the human hair ponytail extension you are about to purchase. 

Check other people’s experience when they used the said product. Were they happy and satisfied? Are they saying it is thinner than they thought? Their feedback will give you a more in-depth insight into how great the product is.

What to Consider When Buying Hair Extensions

  • Texture – Finding the right ponytail extension begins with choosing the right texture. If you have straight and long hair, choose long and straight hair extensions too. 
  • Consistency – It should also match your natural hair. Any inconsistencies will only lead to an unnatural look. Instead of enhancing your hair, you end up ruining your current look. 

What to remember: Ponytail hair extensions will not fix your hair problems. Its purpose is to bring in a new dimension to your overall hair look. That is why matching it to your current hair is essential!


Put these suggestions in mind when making a ponytail extension purchase. They will help you ensure that you make the best decision. Using the information we provided, go out and start finding the best ponytail hairpiece that suits you best!

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