Adding Flair to Your Hairstyle with Various Types of Weaves

Weaves have been around for many years, and they go way back to Ancient Greece. The Greek aristocracy wore weaves, but the materials used to make them were limited and increased their rarity at the time. Most were made from animal hair such as horse, goat, or yak hair.

During the early 20th century, weaves were worn as a protective style for hairstyles worn by Black women in the United States. They could not straighten or perm their hair due to it being seen as unprofessional or fashionable. As a result, they resorted to wearing weaves.

Today, A weave can be worn professionally and casually and incorporated with any hairstyle, and you can style it as you please while still keeping your natural hair intact. It is the perfect way to add some spice to your look. 

The Different Weaves to Match Your Look

Weaves are not like wigs. For instance, the hair is a lot thicker, and it can be removed without harming your hair or scalp. These natural hair extensions can be stitched, glued, or clipped into your hair. This is the simplest technique to add volume and structure to your hairstyle. 

Weaves are woven directly into your natural hair to add length and beauty, unlike wigs, which can be worn like a cap. You can effortlessly switch them out to keep your hairdo fresh every week. Wearing a weave is an easy way to change your hairstyle. It lets you add volume, control frizz, and make your hair look thicker. 

Whether you are going on a date, attending a function, or want to add a little glamour to your everyday style, a weave is a perfect accessory.

Read along to learn about the different types of weaves and how they work.

  • Sew-in Weave: It’s a form of weave in which hair wefts are sewed together to create a natural appearance. The wefts are sewed after the wearer’s natural hair is braided and styled into cornrows. Generally, this preparation is time-consuming and requires the assistance of a skilled hairstylist. Nevertheless, sew-in weaves require little upkeep and can last for months.
  • Interlocking Weave: This weave is similar to sew-ins, only the natural hair does not need to be braided or styled in cornrows. The hair weft is bonded to your loose hair in interlocking weaves. The threads seamlessly blend in your natural hair and give volume to your hair 
  • Glue-in Weave: During this procedure, the hair wefts are attached to the natural hair half an inch away from the hair roots, scalp, and hairline. This is something that anyone can accomplish at home, and you can switch them out periodically. You must, however, segment the hair appropriately to make it appear natural.

The Right Tools for Styling

It’s normal to want to style your weave. However, remember that not all weaves are compatible with the same styling tools. For example, curling irons are usually used for curly hair, while flat irons are usually used for straight hair. Before you decide to use a styling tool, check the weave’s packaging to confirm that it is compatible with the styling tool you’re using. 

It is important to note that heat styling on weaves or extensions should not be done more than once a week because excessive heat can damage delicate hair extensions. Also, remember to let your hair extensions cool completely before handling them.

The Maintenance Necessary for Your Weaves

Hair weaves should be purchased from a salon that offers services for weaves and hair extensions, and you need to contact your hairstylist to keep them in good shape. If you plan to wear weaves all the time, you have to maintain a healthy scalp. You might develop dandruff, product buildup, and hair breakage if you don’t.

Choose high-quality weaves whenever possible. You can use synthetic or natural human hair weaves, but make sure they don’t shed. Use weave-specific products to better keep your weaves smooth and lustrous.

Remember to not go over the time limit. Depending on the type, change your weaves every two months or two weeks. Wearing them all year is not a good idea since you have to allow your natural hair to breathe by giving it some buffer time.

When the time comes to remove your weave, it should not prove difficult. However, you must be careful to follow the stylist’s instructions to the letter. Some require you to put the weave in a special shampoo or conditioner before handling, while others may instruct you to apply a special type of oil to loosen the bonds.

When you have the weave out, you may opt for a wash and blow-dry. Alternatively, you can style it in a different fashion and make it blend with your natural hair.

The Pros and Cons of Hair Weaves

The risks of wearing hair weaves vary depending on the weave type and installation method.

Too-tightly sewed sew-in and interlocking weaves can pull the hair roots and cause hair loss.

Hair follicles can be harmed by glue-in weaves that are too close to the scalp, resulting in hair loss. It can also cause hair breakage if not properly removed.

Furthermore, poor scalp hygiene can lead to product buildup, itching, and hair loss.

On the other han, weaves require little upkeep. It’s possible that you won’t have time to style your hair every day, and weaves are a convenient technique to save time. Because they’ve already been styled, all you have to do now is comb, clip, or tie them to your liking. You can play around with your appearance any time. 

Hair weaves provide you the freedom to switch up your look every week or even every few days. You won’t be locked with a single hairdo for the rest of your life. These natural hair extensions allow you to try several looks before getting a haircut. You may also add color to the human hair weaves to give them more punch.


Hair weaves are a terrific method to switch up your look. Depending on your personal style preferences, you can choose from any hair weaves mentioned in this article. However, to avoid serious hair damage, remember to maintain good scalp hygiene and a thorough hair care routine while wearing them. 

Choose sew-ins and interlocking weaves if you want a more natural look and want to keep the weaves for a while. You will, however, need to visit a salon to get these placed.

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