Applying False Eyelashes: 7 Things You Need To Take Note Of

Fake eyelashes can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. They look incredible and give any wearer gorgeous, fluttering eyelashes for a glamorous or naturally enhanced look. However, applying them is undeniably tricky, especially for beginners! It’s something that takes a good amount of practice to apply since it requires patience, precision, and a good pair of tweezers. 

If you’re dying to wear false eyelashes, but you’re just not sure how to do it, then here are a few things you must take note of first: 

Try Different Pairs 

With so many types of lashes out there, you’re bound to find one that fits you just right. Play around with different sizes to see which brands work for you. 

To see how a pair will fit on your eyes, lay the lashes down above your real lashes without glue and then open your eyes. If it sits well on your eye without looking too big or feeling uncomfortable, then it’s probably a good fit. If you’re struggling to see out of the lash, you might want to try another style. 

Wear Half Lashes

One of the makeup trends that has become popular in recent years is the use of the demi-lash. These are false lashes that come in half the regular length and are meant to be placed on the outer corner of the eye. 

If you can’t find a pair of demi-lashes anywhere, then snipping a pair you own in half will work just fine! This is a great option if you aren’t ready to try full lashes just yet, as it provides just enough oomph to the eyes without overwhelming them. Pair a half lash with some winged liner, and you’ll have the most beautiful cat-eye effect!

Add Individual Lashes

To achieve a more natural look that’s still beautifully put together, try individual lashes. Similar to demi-lashes, they can ease you into wearing a full lash and are easy to apply. These are a great option if you don’t feel like wearing mascara but still want your lashes to look beautiful. 

Apply Fake Lashes After the Eyeshadow and Liner

Lashes should be the last step in your eye makeup routine. Applying fake lashes before finishing eyeshadow or eyeliner makes it impossible to complete your eye makeup. The lashes will just get in the way of creating a flawless, blended shadow base and nice sharp lines for your eyeliner. 

Put the eyeshadow first, followed by your liquid liner, and then top it all off with your falsies. To hide any lash glue peeking out from underneath the band, add a little liquid liner right on top. 

Pay Attention to the Width of the Band

Simply put, thinner bands are easy to apply and stay put until you take your lashes off. Thicker lash bands tend to lift and can be uncomfortable to wear. Try to get your hands on invisible band lashes, if possible, to make the lashes look as natural as possible. 

Shape the Band

Before applying a new pair of eyelashes, shape the band by wrapping the lash strip around an object to make it more flexible. By reshaping the eyelash, it will hug the curve of your eyelids, making application much easier!

Re-Curl Your Lashes After Applying Falsies

Blending your real lashes with the fake ones is super important as it is very obvious when the two sets of lashes don’t blend—which is not a good look! After applying your falsies, take your eyelash curler and curl your natural lashes together with your falsies for a seamless look. 


False eyelashes can elevate your look by giving your eyes a soft, fluttery quality that’s simply gorgeous and feminine. Finding the best false eyelashes can take a little bit of searching, but by knowing what to look for, you’re sure to find just the right one for your eye shape. With demi-lashes, individual lashes, glam falsies, and natural pairs, there’s a perfect set of false eyelashes for everybody! 

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