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pregnant woman 30/10/2020

3 Common Causes of Hair Loss and How to Solve Them

Lately, if you’ve been noticing your hair has started to fall off more than usual, it could indicate that you may be experiencing excessive stress. The tension you’re feeling can affect your body more than you think, leading to breakouts, weight changes, and hair loss.  Stress can range from short-term to long-term, affecting you physically, mentally, and emotionally over time. While short-term stress can go away after you take some time to diffuse and calm yourself down, long-term stress can be due to your lifestyle habits, major decisions, or recurring... Read More

lady playing with her hair 28/10/2020

How Clip-In Extensions Bring Volume to Thin Hair

If you sport naturally thin hair, your dream of length and volume aren’t lost in your locks. For finer heads of hair, clip-in extensions are an excellent method of transforming your lacking look. Unlike longer-lasting extensions, clip-ins don’t require sewing or taping. Not to mention, there’s no need to stock up on special products to pull them off before bed—just clip them off!  When losing locks, it can be tempting to go for a more permanent weave. However, clip-ins are far more flexible, versatile, and cost-effective. Here’s how. 1. They’re... Read More

Foxy Locks Clip in ponytail 26/10/2020

A Guide to Choosing the Right Ponytail Extension Online

Natural hair extensions are a great tool to alter the way your hair looks without changing its original form. They come in different types, colours, and textures to meet your unique needs. They also add volume and length to your hair without causing any damage.  However, all these choices and variations can make the experience for the first-time extension users a bit daunting. Before you get overwhelmed, this article will help you find the best hair extensions for you, particularly when it comes to ponytail extensions. What is a ponytail... Read More

Foxy Locks Clip i nhair guide 26/10/2020

Maintaining Hair Extensions – A Basic Hair Care Guide

It’s commonly thought that hair extensions are for short-haired individuals wishing for longer locks. While this is still true, these implements are becoming more popular for everybody for several reasons. People with fine or thin hair purchase extensions to achieve a thicker mane, while some people just want to change up their look the way they’d vary their makeup! Whatever your reason may be for getting extensions, maintaining them is a must! Whether you’re new to the idea or are getting them done for the first time, it’s always good... Read More

Woman with blonde hair extensions 24/10/2020

Debunking 3 Common Myths About Hair Extensions – What to Know

If you’ve never tried hair extensions before but are interested in trying them out, you’ve probably spent the past days researching them. Through your diligent research, you already have an idea of the various advantages of putting on these extensions.  At the same time, you’ve probably come across various disheartening stories. As a result, these accounts may have dampened your excitement, making you think twice about getting your own extensions.  It’s totally fine to have reservations and doubts. After all, you must be meticulous about the products you are buying... Read More

Blonde hair extension 22/10/2020

5 Reasons You Should Start Using Hair Extensions Today – What to Know

If you’re a fan of long, wavy locks or a razor-straight waist-length ‘do, you probably know that extensions play a part in achieving that. Whether you have clip-in hair extensions or get them sewn in at a salon, this hair accessory is great for adding volume and length to your hair. If you’re on the fence about getting extensions, look no further. We give you several reasons why it’s time for you to take the plunge today. They give you great hair without the hassle If your hair does not grow past... Read More

woman's brunette hair extension 20/10/2020

5 Must-Know Tips When Purchasing Hair Extensions – Our Guide

Women love their hair and often invest hundreds, or even thousands of dollars annually taking care of it. Whether it is a trip to the parlour, all the shampoos and hair care products, or other forms of aesthetic upkeep, a woman’s hair is one of her best assets. Unfortunately, not everyone has the genetic makeup that allows voluminous hair growth that has a powerful look to it.  Before chalking it off to genetics and just giving up on your hair’s growth, there are many ways to go about getting the... Read More

blonde hair extensions 18/10/2020

3 Types of Hair Extensions and How Long They Last

Hair extensions are ideal for switching up your hairstyle in a matter of minutes. Wearing extensions is a great option when you’re struggling with hair growth or thinning hair, dealing with a bad haircut, interested in exploring other hairstyles without cutting or bleaching your natural locks, or upgrading your look for a special occasion.  Some natural hair extensions can be expensive, especially those made with the highest quality. They are considered an investment. Since they can cost you your hard-earned cash, it’s important to get your money’s worth. Here are... Read More

taped hair extensions 16/10/2020

How to Remove Your Hair Extensions Properly: Our Guide

Hair extensions are a lovely addition to any hairstyle, and it complements a wide variety of looks. Since they provide volume and length, they can change a person’s appearance without looking out of place. Natural hair extensions, in particular, give wearers a boost of confidence since they blend in so well. Though they make you look and feel beautiful, hair extensions can be tricky to remove. You don’t want to damage your hair, so it’s essential to follow these tips when removing your extensions! How to remove sewn-in extensions First, gather... Read More

woman with a ponytail 14/10/2020

Making the Most of Your Ponytails: Clip-In Hair Extensions

Ponytails are classic, and they remain to be a crowd favourite. They’re easy to do, making them the go-to hairstyle for the bad hair days. All you ever need is a good brush and elastic band, and you’ll be able to achieve a chic and timeless look.  In an age where celebrities like Ariana Grande don ponytails, however, more and more women now look for more dramatic ponytail looks. With only so much hair to work with, how do you incorporate a unique flair that will make heads turn?  The... Read More