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girl with short hair 04/04/2021

Using Hair Extensions Seamlessly for Short Hair—What to Know

At least once in your life, you’ve probably experienced a bad haircut. It happens when a hairstylist ends up cutting your locks shorter than you expected, and now you can’t take it back because it’s a permanent situation. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through months of growing your hair out because you can use natural hair extensions to augment your hairstyle. Even though you have short hair, you can still get extensions and seamlessly fix them in place. As you wait for your real hair to become long again,... Read More

girl with blue eyes and Balayage hair 02/04/2021

Get a Brand New Look This Spring! Try Balayage Hair!

Spring is the season of change. New flowers and leaves growing and the weather steadily getting warmer should help you welcome a new change for yourself as well! If you are considering changing your hair for the spring season, you may want to think about balayage! You may have heard about this hair trend before, but chances are that you don’t really know what it is. This blog post is going to help you find out what balayage hair is and determine if this style will work for you.  Get... Read More

lady with stylish hair extensions 31/03/2021

Halo Hair Extensions: Quick and Easy Styling Ideas!

There are people who have hair that seems to be easier to style than others. However, many times, hidden beneath the great head of hair are a few secrets that those people might not be sharing. Oftentimes, impeccably styled hair is less about the hair, but the styling that goes into it. One of the most convenient innovations in hair styling comes in the form of halo hair extensions. These extensions do not need to be attached to your real hair; they are hung from a small wire and sit... Read More

clip-extension blonde 29/03/2021

Choosing the Right Clip-in Extensions – Our Guide

If you find yourself bored or tired of your current hairstyle, there are a lot of options to consider in order to change up your look. Many people think about getting a new hair colour or experimenting with hair extensions to add length and volume within minutes. Clip-in extensions are a fantastic choice if you want user-friendly, high-quality hair extensions that you can take off at any time. You don’t have to wear them every day, and they are much less likely to damage your natural hair or your scalp.... Read More

Hair extensions on the a white table 28/03/2021

3 Reasons to Choose Classic Hair Extensions

If you’re planning to invest in hair extensions, but still wish to learn more about these innovative beauty products, a little knowledge goes a long way. Hair extensions are essentially products that help highlight your hair’s volume and length, leaving you with a natural look you can style endlessly. Having one can also make bad hair days go away, as well as mask horrendous haircuts you regret down to your core. Having them styles and coloured however you wish is also possible, with the fear of damaging your hair out... Read More

silver hair extensions 26/03/2021

Synthetic vs Real Human Hair Extensions: Which Is Better?

You can finally say goodbye to thin, limp hair once you invest in quality hair extensions. Regardless of your chosen style, these hair accessories can add drama and beauty to your everyday look. But before buying them, it’s important to know that they are made from various types of human hair.  There are also different grades of human hair, and they all depend on how these locks have been collected, treated, and sorted. The two most common of them are synthetic hair and real human hair, also known as Remy.... Read More

woman with short hair sitted 24/03/2021

5 Tips to Perfectly Apply Extensions to Your Short Hair

Haircuts are always fun to have and experiment with. Whether it’s new bangs or chopping off a considerable length, you can feel like a different person once you’ve changed your look. However, no matter how fun it is to have a short bob, you may be looking for those voluminous long locks you used to have.  Luckily, you’re just a hair extension application away from achieving that style again. It can take a couple of steps to get the extensions to blend like a dream, so make sure you get... Read More

woman's brunette hair extension 22/03/2021

Great Insider Tips and Tricks for Using Hair Extensions

The world of hair extensions is pretty good, and whether you’re new to it or fancy yourself some type of expert, it’s good to have a little extra knowledge about hair extensions. There are a variety of ways to use blonde clip-in hair extensions and the like. It’s a great way to achieve several looks quickly. What are some great insider tips and tricks for using hair extensions? For faster clipping, have two wefts stacked together Sometimes, it’s important to just get up and go in the morning. In order... Read More

Lady with red hair hair extensions 21/03/2021

How to Revamp Your Appearance With Hair Extensions

For those who want to change their look without committing to a haircut or waiting for their hair to grow, we highly recommend exploring the world of hair extensions. Whether you’re looking into buying pre-bonded hair extensions or thinking about clip-in hair extensions—or if you’re new to the hair extensions game—Foxy Locks has the product for you! Transform your hair with our extensive range of products. You’re bound to find the right one to match your preferences! Check out the different ways you can introduce a new you with hair... Read More

girl with false lashes 19/03/2021

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Beautiful long lashes can transform your everyday look into an extra elegant one. With the variety of false eyelashes that are available in today’s market, choosing the perfect one can be a challenge for you. However, not many people know that one of the biggest factors that should be considered when selecting false lashes is the shape of the eye.  Keep in mind that you should only choose a style that will complement and even enhance your eye shape. To help you know which one is right for you, Foxy... Read More