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hair 15/09/2021

Past to Present: Wigs and Hair Extensions through the Ages

Beauty standards are constantly changing. There’s almost always something trending every month. Whether it’s a new make-up trend, skincare hack, or hairstyle, the beauty community and everyone that subscribes to it is always coming up with new things. What’s considered trendy today could just be a thing of the past by tomorrow.  Although, the cycle of beauty trends is interesting. The looks may change, but the basics are essentially the same. Trends have even been known to come back. Looking around you now, you’ll notice that there has been a... Read More

celebrity 13/09/2021

Celebrities That Use Hair Extensions to Glam up Their Looks

Achieving your dream hairstyle can be tricky, especially when your hair isn’t the proper length for it. If you have short hair, there’s a good chance you dream of trying out long, mermaid locks that swish behind you with every step. The great news is that you don’t need to wait months to grow your hair out and rock this hairstyle, as hair extensions can do all that and more for you! Even celebrities are fan favourites of hair extensions, with many freely admitting to using them to change their... Read More

hair care 08/09/2021

Tape-Ins, I Tips and Clips-Ins: Hair Extension Secrets

The beauty of hair extensions is that they extend your hair while still looking natural. But what’s better are secret extensions that easily blend into your hair.  You want your extensions to lay flat to create an invisible look. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect hair extensions, we’ve got everything you need to know. First, let’s differentiate hair extension types: Clip-Ins Discreet clip-ins are arguably the most popular hair extensions in the market—and for a good reason. It looks natural and can be easily removed. You can... Read More


The Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Wavy and Curly Extensions

Wavy and curly hair extensions are beautiful, but they don’t come without effort. Maintaining your locks is crucial to keeping them in good condition. Without proper care, wavy extensions can lose their curl, fall out, and affect your overall look. So how do you get the most out of your wavy extensions? Here are our simple and helpful tips. 1. Change Your Combing Style Curly or wavy hair is one of the most popular hairstyles nowadays, particularly in Europe and Africa. This is, however, one of the most challenging haircuts... Read More

woman with a hair bun 02/09/2021

5 Fun Ways to Accessorize Your Hair With Old Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great to have since they add volume and length to your hair. However, even the highest quality hair extensions eventually lose their shine and softness over time. But what do you do when the trusty hair extensions that have served you for months have lost their lustre? The immediate response would be to throw them out. But that would be a waste since they can still serve a function. How? Well, you can repurpose your old hair extensions in a number of ways. Here are five fun... Read More

woman attaching hair extensions 30/08/2021

Having Trouble Blending Your Hair Extensions? Here’s How

Hair extensions can give you that glamorous look, but there’s still a difficult task that lies ahead of you before you can achieve that glamour. The truth is, hair extensions can be difficult to deal with, especially when you’re attaching them to your natural locks yourself. If you’re a beginner, you may find the installation process a little bit harder because you need to familiarise yourself with how to apply it. That’s why you need to learn the proper technique on how to attach the hair extensions correctly.  But before... Read More

hair 25/08/2021

Overcoming the Stigma against Hair Extensions

You may be one of the people fond of using hair extensions as part of their lifestyle. If so, most probably, you encounter stigma on a day-to-day basis. At first glance, most people you encounter will try to appreciate your hair and give you compliments on how beautiful it looks. However, as soon as they find out that it is not natural hair, they will be disappointed and likely even derisive of your choice to wear extensions. They may even take back their effusive compliments.  The truth is you cannot... Read More

girl with blue eyes and Balayage hair 23/08/2021

Things to Know Before Purchasing Remy Hair Extensions

Through the years, the haircare industry continues to prove that they have what it takes to meet the demands of men and women to achieve great hair and look their best. Hair colours and hairstyles come and go, and people continue to look forward to great service from salons. Besides leaning towards permanent solutions to change how your hair looks, you can also depend on temporary ones, such as Remy clip in hair extensions. It’s the perfect answer for those unsure of the look they want and are often searching... Read More

hair 18/08/2021

How to Ensure Your Hair Extensions Can Last a Long Time

Hair extensions can make a whole lot of difference to your look. It can give your hair that added bounce and bring more volume to it.  However, hair extensions, unfortunately, do not last forever. And it can get pricey to have to constantly buy new hair extensions. But by making the right choices and putting in enough effort to care for it, you can extend the life of your hair extensions. Here’s how you can ensure hair extension longevity. What Are Hair Extensions? Hair extensions are sometimes called hair integrations,... Read More

long hair 16/08/2021

5 Essential Care Tips for Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

Proper maintenance is essential in making your extensions last for more than a couple of weeks. While it is true that clip-in hair extensions require little maintenance, it isn’t fitting to only do the bare minimum in caring for them. In a way, your clip-ins are part of your natural hair. Thus, it only fits that you take the necessary steps to take good care of them. With that said, you must keep these valuable tips in mind when doing maintenance care for your clip-in hair extensions. 1. Wash Clip-in... Read More