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how often should i wash my hair 22/10/2019

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

When it comes to perfecting the best hair-wash timetable, us girls often find it completely vexing due to the impossibility of the task. If you wash your follicles too much it will become brittle and dry. Don’t wash it enough and it can lose its body and shine. It can be a bit tricky to find the happy balance, but Team Foxy Locks have put their heads together and comprised this blog packed full of our hints, tips, ticks and secrets that we have learnt to help you on your... Read More

Foxy Locks Logo 06/08/2019

7 Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions

People use these types of products, often to elongate and supplement their current hair length and thickness without having to wait for their own hair to grow to the desired length. This is probably the simplest answer to why people wear hair extensions, but did you know it goes deeper than that, lets get to the root (sorry) of it shall we. Come with Foxy Locks on a journey of self discovery and check out our 7 Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions including one bonus answer which you may not of thought... Read More


Hair Extensions UK | What to buy to look fabulous

Looking good is a must these days, but its not enough to just look good, everyone is on that level. You need to look fabulous. By choosing the UK’s best known and rated hair extensions from Foxy Locks, you will move out of the looking good tier and into the glamorously fabulous world that top tier clip in’s can afford you. There are many hair extension brands on the world marketplace but not all of them are created equally and if you have used these types of products in the... Read More

buying hair extensions has never been so easy 04/06/2019

Buying Hair Extensions has never been so easy

Foxy Locks Hair Extensions has had an upgrade. Welcome to our new-look website for 2019 complete with more bells and whistles and new products, features and payment methods active right now. We hope it makes for a better user experience and any feedback is welcome, please comment below with any ideas or thoughts you have. Alongside the new website, we have overhauled our customer service and shipping options. In effect, we wish to provide you with the very best user experience when it comes to buying hair extensions online, in... Read More