Balayage 101: A Newbie’s Guide to Understanding Balayage Hair

Our hair condition can affect our overall look for the day. If you are having a bad hair day, your day is likely already ruined. Over the past years, salon treatments allow hair to have long-lasting straightness, curl, or even colour. This is why people are willing to spend so much on expensive hairstyles because the hair in good condition can save them a lot of hassle, especially when they’re in a hurry. 

One of the newest head turner styles today is balayage. A balayage is the most requested hairstyle from salons, and stylists are putting their signature on it. But due to its newness, not many people know about this hairstyle.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French word that translates to the English phrase “to paint.” It is a styling technique where the hair is as if hand-painted with colour to create a natural and gradual look. The good thing about balayage is that it is customisable and unique to the customer’s natural hair colour and skin complexion. 

Balayage vs Highlights

No, balayage is not the same as highlights. If you could still recall, highlights create blunt stripes of lighter shades on the hair. The lines of colours caused by highlights are too saturated and continue until the inner layers of the hair.  On the other hand, balayage is hand-painted on the top layer of the hair, creating subtle highlighted stripes. As such, you won’t even be able to notice if you add natural hair extensions to it. Ultimately, this is how the balayage can beautifully complement a layered haircut. 

Balayage vs Ombre

Compared to highlights, balayage is easier to differentiate from ombre; ombre is a French word that means shadow. While balayage creates a distributed contrast, the ombre creates a visible division of colours from roots to ends. With this, the shade is darker on the roots and fades gradually into the hair ends. Ombre can also look like the lower half of the hair is dip-dyed. Compared to ombre, balayage creates a seamless blend of highlights on top of the natural, but the delicate distribution of hues in balayage requires more maintenance. 

Will The Balayage Work For You?

You can go for any hair colour and style you want as long as you can confidently carry it. However, if you’re going to get a balayage, you need to consider the type of your hair first or the usual style that you are doing on your hair. For example, a balayage will look a lot better with wavy or big curls. If this is your style, the highlights will look more beautiful if they are applied subtly. In comparison, a bob cut deserves a balayage that shows off stronger highlights. 

How About a Balayage Extension?

Keep in mind that you can take your time to think if you are getting a balayage. But if you want to test if it will look good on you, you can just clip in a ponytail extension. Yes, balayage hair extensions are also now available, so the style that you want to go for will ultimately be up to you! 


Whether you go for highlights, balayage, or ombre, make sure that you are letting an expert do it for you. And if you are settling for an extension in the meantime, invest in quality extensions so that you can always have an instant styler for emergency occasions!

Foxy Locks has clip-in hair extensions ranging in different shades and lengths. Our balayage extensions are made from Remy human hair and are of premium quality. Give your hair a lovely style and life without losing it from chemicals.

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