Get a Brand New Look This Spring! Try Balayage Hair!

Spring is the season of change. New flowers and leaves growing and the weather steadily getting warmer should help you welcome a new change for yourself as well! If you are considering changing your hair for the spring season, you may want to think about balayage!

You may have heard about this hair trend before, but chances are that you don’t really know what it is. This blog post is going to help you find out what balayage hair is and determine if this style will work for you. 

Get a Brand New Look This Spring! Try Balayage Hair!

This type of hair looks great no matter what season, but if you are looking to get noticed and make a positive change for yourself this spring, balayage hair colour is the way to go! After spring is over, summer will roll in and you will still be able to rock your gorgeous balayage hair when beach season comes around. Here are a few key bits of information about balayage hair you will want to know about:

Why It’s Stylish

Getting your hair coloured a different shade is always fun. Balayage hair colours are stylish because they offer you the chance to get highlights that will blend naturally with the rest of your hair. Balayage is a beautiful style that will look good with any type of look you are going for, whether that be formal or casual.

Great Reasons to Try Balayage Hair

1 – Low Maintenance

Once you will have gotten balayage hair, you won’t have to do much to maintain it until it’s time for a trim or updated colours. It is a low-maintenance type of hairstyle that will look great whether you had just gotten it or if you had gotten it a few months ago.

2 – Helps You Outgrow Old Highlights

If you already have previous highlights in your hair, balayage colour will help you outgrow them. This type of hairstyle will help naturalize the highlights and make them blend into your original hair colour more naturally.

3 – Looks More Natural Than Ombré

Another great reason to get this type of hair colour is that it looks similar to the ombré colour style but has a more natural look. Ombré colours transition into the next hair colour shade in a severe and abrupt way, while balayage does it in a more natural way, blending the colours and making the transition more fluid.

4 – Makes Your Hair Have a Fuller Look

If you are looking for a way to give your hair a fuller look, balayage colour styling will help you get the added volume you are looking for.


Spring is the perfect time to make a positive change in your life. As they say, it should be out with the old and in with the new. Balayage hair can be a great new change that will inspire you to do something great this year! The great thing about it is that it works on all hair types and colours, so everyone will be able to enjoy this type of hair.

However, if you feel that your hair is too short, you may want to consider getting hair extensions to lengthen your hair and give it that perfect balayage look! For all your hair extension needs, you can visit Foxy Locks! Whether you are looking for balayage hair extensions or 20-inch hair extensions, we have got it! Shop with us today and get the hair of your dreams!

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