Can I Wear Hair Extensions at the Gym? What to Know

A woman holds so much power and authority over their image simply by how they wield their hair. The freedom to express oneself through their hair gives such a boost to any woman’s self-esteem—giving them the confidence and courage to live their life the way they want. 

These days, there are multiple ways you can change up your hair, depending on your mood. You can dye your hair to express creativity, tie it up in a bun when busy, curl it up when you’re feeling a little fancy, or chop it off to symbolise rebelling against the patriarchy. For all the short-haired girls out there, don’t feel left out! You can still do all these things to your hair and more. All you need are some hair extensions to give you that wanted length whenever you want it!

The Magic of Hair Extensions

For those of you who want to have beautiful, long locks, you no longer have to wait a couple of years to grow out your hair! Thanks to hair extensions, you can immediately have the length and volume that you’ve been dreaming of.

Love is in the hair, and confidence is in the one wearing it. Feel free to decide how you want to wear your hair extensions at any time or any place—and yes, that includes even the gym!

Feeling Pretty While Working Out

Who says you can’t feel pretty while working out? Working out is the type of physical activity that requires commitment and demands a lot of time and energy. Most people tend to find it harder to commit to their workout routines, and as a result, gradually lose the motivation to go to the gym.

Unless you have clip in hair extensions, you don’t have to take off your hair extensions at the gym. If this is how you can be more confident about yourself, then own it! The more confident you are, the more dedicated you could be to working towards your goal. So, grab your Lululemons, wear those hair extensions, and get ready to train.

Wearing Hair Extensions at the Gym

Working out with hair extensions is possible, but it can be a little challenging. Exposing your hair extensions to sweat can cause them to feel dry, knotty, and more prone to tangling. To avoid ruining your extensions, try these hairstyles the next time you go to the gym.

High Bun

To women with hair extensions, especially long ponytail extensions, consider wearing your hair in a bun. The high bun is nice and neat and keeps the hair away from the neck. This type of bun also makes it easier to remove the hair tie afterwards, protecting your hair extensions from damage.


A plait keeps the hair far more secure and is much easier to brush through when you’re finished. This hairstyle may require more effort to style and set, but it ensures that your hair extensions won’t be caught up in the machinery, no matter how intense your workout could get.

Basic Ponytail

The basic ponytail is the easiest hairstyle to do, but you have to make sure that your hair is tied tight enough so it won’t come undone when doing strenuous activities. If you want to avoid re-tying your hair, use two hair bands so that the ponytail stays nice and tight.


Don’t let others dictate what to do with your hair. Always remember, your hair, your say—do what makes you feel happy! Whether you shave it all off or if you get those 20-inch hair extensions, as long as you feel good about yourself, that’s all that matters.

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