3 Essential Care Tips for Your Hair Extensions

Regardless of how long you’ve known about and used hair extensions, it still pays to learn more about how to take care of them. Whether real or synthetic, any type of extension is still prone to tangles, disarray, and fraying if you neglect them for long periods of time. Different types require varying degrees of care—but all in all, there are some basic care tips you should follow to keep your hair extensions in tip-top shape.

To give you an idea, here are three of the most essential hair extension care tips that you need to remember:

Protect Your Hair at All Costs

Every day you get exposed to pollution, extreme temperatures, dirt, and other elements as you face the daily grind. Like any other part of your body, prolonged exposure to these hazards can pose a serious threat to your hair extension’s health. Ample protection is needed to make sure your hair doesn’t end up losing its shine.

UV/A and UV/B radiation can cause significant damage to your hair extensions. Ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate the cuticle and cause extensive damage on a cellular level, breaking down fusion bonds and ultimately resulting in a dry and decrepit-looking appearance!

You can minimise exposure to the sun by bringing an umbrella or wearing a hat big enough to cover your hair. Don’t forget to moisturise your hair extensions multiple times throughout the day, so that they don’t get dehydrated. 

If you fancy having a swim at the beach or the pool, you better bring a leave-in conditioner to protect against chlorine and the salty contents of water.

Perform Your Hair Care Rituals Religiously

Your hair extensions are incredibly vulnerable not only during the daytime, but also at nighttime too. As the dangers of the day differ between the hours, both day and night require a different routine of hair care. These hair extension rituals can go a long way to nurturing your weaves, clip-ins, and extensions. 

In the morning, your hairpieces can get easily damaged if you don’t wash and dry them properly. You may think that your regular shampoo and conditioner is suitable for your hairpieces—but that’s a common misconception! Most shampoos in the market contain harsh chemicals that stamp out the natural oils from the strands and damage them. A better alternative is to use salt-free or sulfate-based shampoo.

At night, your biggest enemy is friction. Hair extensions get tangled and frizzled whenever you toss and turn on your pillow at night. The solution to this is to get better pillowcases! The silk kind is the top choice, as the fine woven fibres on the fabric won’t latch on to your hair. Before lying down, give your extensions a gentle brush using a hair extension loop brush.

Avoid Using the Hairdryer

Using a hairdryer on hair extensions is like putting them inside a microwave; the heat causes the cuticles to dry and flake out unnecessarily. 

Air drying is still the best thing you can do for all your weaves. Try to resist the urge to speed up the process with a hairdryer whenever you feel compelled to do so. If you are pressed for time, and you really need to resort to using the hairdryer, then you need to apply a heat protectant spray on your hair extensions first. Pretreating your hair and using only the cool setting to dry it out will be much better for your hair overall.


With regular care and maintenance, your natural hair extensions are sure to last for quite some time. Keeping them healthy takes a lot of effort, but your hairpieces deserve that level of attention! By keeping these tips in mind, you’re one step closer to maintaining your extensions for the years to come!

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