Care Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Hair Extensions

Do you have hair extensions, or are you planning to get some soon? It is best to learn how to care for and maintain your hair extensions to keep them looking good and get the most out of your use.

Although hair extensions don’t grow from your scalp, they still need care, much like your natural hair. However, certain products you use for regular hair may have too harsh chemicals for hair extensions. 

In this article, we will run you through everything you need to know about the care and maintenance of hair extensions.

Knowing Your Hair Extension Type

The care for your hair extensions may also depend on the type you are getting. Hair extensions come in different textures, colours, and styles. The maintenance routines for sew-in extensions sewn into cornrows with your natural hair may differ from tape-ins that are taped and sandwiched between your natural hair.

There are also clip-in hair extensions that can be put on to add temporary length and volume, then conveniently removed when you don’t need them.

If you want to get additional length and volume that is semi-permanently, you can go for microlinks. These extensions are attached to small strands of your hair through silicone beads. You will have to get these extensions maintained at least once a month.

You can go for keratin extensions if you want an undetectable option similar to the microlinks. These are attached similar to the microlinks, but it uses a heated keratin protein to bond and fuse the hair. This makes the extensions pretty much undetectable.

Care Tips for Your Hair Extensions

As we’ve mentioned above, hair extensions still require a good amount of care and maintenance. Here are some care tips to keep your hair extensions looking good:

Ensuring Proper Installation

How your hair extensions are installed is crucial in their maintenance and longevity.

One of the ways you can ensure that your hair extensions look great is by having them installed by a professional. Poor installation of your hair extensions will not only affect the appearance of the extensions but can also damage your natural hair.

Don’t Sleep on Clip-in Extensions

Clip-in extensions are great for temporarily adding length and volume to your hair. However, you should not sleep on these extensions. Just like removing your makeup before bed, you should remove your clip-in extensions before you get some shut-eye. Leaving them in can cause tangling and damage to the clips. 

You will have to leave them on if you have sew-in extensions, but you can wear a sleeping cap or silk scarf to prevent tangling and frizz.

Gentle Detangling and Combing

It is important not to comb or brush your extensions too roughly as it can cause damage and breakage. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair extensions gently, and always start from the ends working your way up. This can help prevent shedding and breakage.

Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

Washing your hair too often will leave your hair extensions looking dull and dry. Unlike regular hair, extensions don’t have natural oils. Washing them too often will strip them of moisture, leaving them dry and brittle.

Using the Right Shampoo and Conditioners

Make sure to only use shampoos and conditioners suitable for your hair extensions. This is important because shampoos and conditioners for natural hair may be too heavy for your extensions. This can leave your extensions looking dull and dry.

You will want to go for something mild and safe for colour-treated hair. These products will moisturise your hair, keep it soft, and make it manageable. 

Avoid Using Too Many Products

Using too many products on your hair can make your extensions look greasy and weighed down. You can go for heat protectants, defrizzers, and shine spray. Dry shampoos, hairsprays, gels, and mousse should be avoided or used sparingly.

Keeping Your Extensions Moisturized

The biggest challenge that comes with wearing extensions is keeping them moisturised. You will have to keep them moisturised, or they will look dry, frizzy, and brittle.

You can use a leave-in conditioner every so often to keep it moisturised. However, you should not use it so often that your extensions become greasy.

Stay Away from Heat Tools

While heat can be used to style your hair, you need to be wary of heat tools when you are wearing extensions. Hair extensions don’t have the natural oils and nutrients that regular hair does. This makes them prone to drying out and becoming brittle. It is best to go for heat-free styling options.

Heat Protectants

Heat protectants are not only used to protect your natural hair from the heat of styling tools but also your hair extensions. If you need to use heat tools, heat protectants will protect your hair extensions from the heat of blow dryers, hair irons, and straighteners.

Proper Storage

Proper storage of your hair extensions is crucial to its maintenance. If you want to prolong their life, you need to store them in a cool, dry area to prevent them from becoming damaged.

Prevent them from being tangled by putting them in a ponytail. Wrap each weft before securing them with a hair tie.

You can store these in an empty shoebox.

You Can’t Wear Them Forever

Even if you take good care of your extensions, they won’t last forever. Sew-in extensions can last two to three months with proper care. However, it is time to get them replaced after a few months and when you notice that the style looks different from how it was initially.

Depending on how fast your hair grows, it is best to get your extensions replaced every six to eight weeks. This is regardless of the length and texture of your extensions. This regular replacement helps prevent matting and tangling.

If you keep microlinks on for too long, the beads will start to bend and may even rip your hair out when you remove them.


If you want to get great-looking hair extensions, it is best to take good care of them. For them to last long, you’ll have to ensure that you are using the right products, using them correctly and even storing them properly. 

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