Clip In Ponytails

pony tail 05/07/2021

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Ponytail for You

There are plenty of girls with thick and voluminous ponytails, making it look like they threw their hair up and just got it to look in perfect condition right away for an Instagram picture. But when you try it, it can often end up disappointing. A thin and flat ponytail is nothing close to the pristine photos you saw. But honestly, there’s a secret to it. Ponytail hair extensions can elevate the way that your hair looks. These clip-ins should be able to fluff up and lengthen your hair, giving... Read More

taped hair extensions 25/06/2021

3 Common Mistakes with Clip-in Hair Extensions

Styling your hair every day can be a chore, but clip-in hair extensions make the task relatively easier to do. The product is also highly convenient and manageable, providing you with the right amount of volume whenever you need it. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly use them, much less make them look discreet and natural.  If you want to style your hair every day in a natural way, you need to understand exactly how contraption works. Creating hairstyles that look fresh, natural, and completely hassle-free is the goal,... Read More

clip-in ponytail in woman's hair 10/03/2021

What to Know About Clip-On Ponytail Hair Extensions

Clip-on ponytail hair extensions are such a huge trend these days—think Ariana Grande’s famous high ponytail. The good news is, you don’t need to wait for your hair to grow longer, or undergo expensive hair treatments to achieve something like that. With a clip-on ponytail hair extension, you can have the hair you want easily.  Clip-Ons Clip-ons are perfect for people who are new to hair extensions. This is because they’re easy to use, and you can place them by yourself with no fuss. Also, when you get used to... Read More

clip in ponytail on a lady 17/02/2021

The Benefits of Clip-On Ponytail Hair Extensions

Playing around with your hair is one of the best ways to change up your look. With hundreds of styles to try, there’s no shortage of looks you can try, no matter what the occasion or event. One of the most iconic hairstyles in history is the ponytail, which is believed to have started in ancient Greece. Frescoes depict people with high ponytails, revealing that this was an age-old style that still hasn’t gone out of fashion. Today, ponytails are often called pop culture’s feminist weapon. Pulling the hair back... Read More

Foxy Locks Clip in ponytail 26/10/2020

A Guide to Choosing the Right Ponytail Extension Online

Natural hair extensions are a great tool to alter the way your hair looks without changing its original form. They come in different types, colours, and textures to meet your unique needs. They also add volume and length to your hair without causing any damage.  However, all these choices and variations can make the experience for the first-time extension users a bit daunting. Before you get overwhelmed, this article will help you find the best hair extensions for you, particularly when it comes to ponytail extensions. What is a ponytail... Read More

woman with a ponytail 14/10/2020

Making the Most of Your Ponytails: Clip-In Hair Extensions

Ponytails are classic, and they remain to be a crowd favourite. They’re easy to do, making them the go-to hairstyle for the bad hair days. All you ever need is a good brush and elastic band, and you’ll be able to achieve a chic and timeless look.  In an age where celebrities like Ariana Grande don ponytails, however, more and more women now look for more dramatic ponytail looks. With only so much hair to work with, how do you incorporate a unique flair that will make heads turn?  The... Read More

woman with a ponytail 09/10/2020

5 Great Reasons to Use Ponytail Extensions – What to Know

If you’re going for a unique look, ponytails are your best bet. The elegance and versatility they bring go well with any outfit—whether you’re dressed for a formal meeting or a casual day out with your friends!  With that said, not all women have naturally voluminous locks that are long and thick enough to be tied into stunning ponytails. If you have thin hair, you know how disheartening it is to see your hair fall flat no matter how high you tie it. The good news is that you no... Read More

Woman with a ponytail 13/09/2020

3 Fun Ponytail Hair Styles – Our Guide

Wearing your hair in a ponytail lets you exude simplicity, class, and beauty. Aside from it being easy, quick, and fun to do, it does not require any special skills and tools. All you need is an elastic band to flaunt this well-loved hairstyle. Using high-quality hair extensions can boost your style and give your locks extra volume and drama when worn with a ponytail, making you look a total head-turner. Here are some fun and creative ways of wearing a stylish ponytail with your natural hair extensions: 1. Messy... Read More

clip in hair extensions before and after, short hair extensions before and after 04/05/2020

Clip In Hair Extensions Before and After Transformations

Whether you’re longing for length or your natural hair is lacking thickness and body, hair extensions are a total game-changer for boosting your confidence and being able to achieve all the hairstyles you’ve always coveted. Whatever your hair woes, here at Foxy Locks, we’ve got the hair extensions to help!  Thinking of taking the plunge and finally getting the long and voluminous hair of your dreams? We’ve picked out some of our favourite examples of before and after hair extensions transformations to show you how much of a difference Foxy... Read More

festive hairstyles, new years eve hairstyles, christmas party hairstyles 21/11/2019

Christmas Party & New Years Eve Hairstyles

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, here at Foxy Locks, we’re feeling festive! Party season is almost upon us, which means it’s time for our favourite part of the preparation process: picking out our top festive hairstyles.  In need of inspiration this year? Whether you’re still searching for the perfect sequin dress or heels that will keep you on the dancefloor to the midnight countdown, our hair ideas will help you tick at least one thing off your party checklist. From the office Christmas party to... Read More