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hair brush and comb 28/01/2021

Our Guide on Brushing Hair Extensions When They’re Dry – Part 1

Brushing your hair is as straightforward as brushing your teeth, especially for women who want to tame their messy tresses before seizing a new day. Some may use wide-tooth combs to take off the tangles without ruining natural waves, while others simple use their fingers for those who find bed heads attractive.  Either way, brushing the hair every morning is a common practice for many ladies, so it’s only logical to expect the same treatment when caring for hair extensions. You don’t want to be clipping on a tangled mess,... Read More

blonde lady in a garden 18/01/2021

How to Pick the a Highlight Hair Extension for Your Skin Tone

The hair is undoubtedly the woman’s crowning glory, as it makes her feel beautiful and boosts her overall confidence and improves the quality of her life.  However, what if you’ve got short hair and always dream of having long hair? The simple answer is to get a clip-in hair extension! Yet, you might get confused when sifting through the colour choices. In this case, it all boils down to your skin complexion. Fret not, as there are various hair extension products readily available in the market that will surely complement... Read More

wedding bride with extensions 09/11/2020

How Clip In Extensions Make a Difference on Your Wedding

There is so much that goes into planning the perfect wedding, from the ceremony to the reception program and even on to the afterparty—there are simply too many variables to factor in. With everything happening at lightning speed, you’ll want to make sure that everything is as easy and hassle-free as possible.  When it comes to getting ready for the big day, the couple surely doesn’t want to spend too much time getting dressed. There may be pre-wedding photo ops planned or a last-minute practice walk before the big moment. ... Read More

Black woman with Black extensions 18/09/2020

Thin Hair 101: How to Make Clip-in Hair Extensions Look Better

Hair extensions are some of the best ways to spruce up your look, but not everyone is lucky during installation. You may have ended up with a poorly installed hair extension, causing it to bulge and look unnatural. Before tossing them at the bin, however, understand that there may be reasons why your extensions aren’t blending—and that there might be ways to improve them! One of the biggest problems most women have can be thin and fine hair, and that may be the culprit to your hair extensions woes. You... Read More

How to Take Care of Your Hair, hair care tips 07/02/2020

How to Take Care of Your Hair: Our Top 10 Hair Care Tips

Stressed about the state of your tresses? Whether you’re suffering from winter hair woes or heat damaged hair from over-styling, here at Foxy Locks, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our top hair care tips for how to take care of your hair, including how to repair damaged hair and get it back to looking its best. 1. Prevent Heat Damaged Hair Number one on our list of hair care tips is minimising the damage done by heat. If your hair routine involves a hairdryer, curling tongs or straighteners,... Read More

how often should i wash my hair 22/10/2019

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

When it comes to perfecting the best hair-wash timetable, us girls often find it completely vexing due to the impossibility of the task. If you wash your follicles too much it will become brittle and dry. Don’t wash it enough and it can lose its body and shine. It can be a bit tricky to find the happy balance, but Team Foxy Locks have put their heads together and comprised this blog packed full of our hints, tips, ticks and secrets that we have learnt to help you on your... Read More