Hair Tips

curly haired woman in the sun 19/07/2021

Our Quick Guide to Maintaining and Curling Straight Hair Extensions

Hair makeovers can be a huge commitment, but thankfully, clip-in hair extensions provide you with a new look without the pressure of committing to a style for months. Because of its convenience, many opt for hair extensions to get the desired hair-do they need quickly. Perhaps you’re here because you’ve recently gotten straight or wavy hair extensions, and you’re looking for ways to style it. You’re probably thinking of curling or re-curling them to give your hair more bounce and volume, but what’s the best way to do it? Luckily,... Read More

red haired woman on a bridge 29/06/2021

Want Thick and Voluminous? Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Everybody wants to have silky, naturally straight hair, but the truth is, they also have their downfalls. Even if you can quickly style your hair to whatever you want, and you don’t have to deal with bed head and frizz, getting your hair to have volume and curls can be quite tricky. Not to mention, your hair can fall flat because of its straightness. Though you can spend hours styling your hair so you can have the thickness and volume you wish, you should know that there are easy tricks... Read More

thick braid of hair 28/06/2021

4 Amazing Hairstyles to Try With Your Old Natural Hair Extensions

If you’re a fan of changing your look, you probably have a collection of natural hair extensions of different colours and lengths. At some point, however, you may run out of ideas on the other ways you can use your older ones. They’ve served you well by providing you with lush, voluminous hair for months, and you can always try new hairstyles to breathe new life into them. Luckily, there are tons of stylish ways to make the most out of your natural hair extensions, whether new or old. Here... Read More

brunette in a brown outfit 28/06/2021

Picking Out an Outfit According to Your Hair Colour—A Guide

Sometimes, people get tired of their natural hair colour and dream of changing things up by dropping by the salon to get their hair dyed. For those who aren’t ready for that kind of commitment, especially if you don’t know what different shade will look good on you, you can opt for good hair extensions as a temporary solution. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to rock a new hair colour if you’ve never tried dyeing your hair before, nor sporting a fashionable wig. Besides, depending on the colour you pick,... Read More

balayage 04/06/2021

Balayage 101: A Newbie’s Guide to Understanding Balayage Hair

Our hair condition can affect our overall look for the day. If you are having a bad hair day, your day is likely already ruined. Over the past years, salon treatments allow hair to have long-lasting straightness, curl, or even colour. This is why people are willing to spend so much on expensive hairstyles because the hair in good condition can save them a lot of hassle, especially when they’re in a hurry.  One of the newest head turner styles today is balayage. A balayage is the most requested hairstyle... Read More

Balayage hair 25/04/2021

How You Can Change Your Life With Balayage Hair

As Phoebe Waller-Bridge once said on her hit television show, Fleabag, “Hair is everything. We wish it wasn’t so we could actually think about something else occasionally. But it is. It’s the difference between a good day and a bad day.” And she’s right! The way you wear your hair has an impact on how your day goes. In fact, your hair can change your entire life—which is why it’s so crucial to take care of its style and appearance! Your locks are one of the first things people notice... Read More

woman with braided hair 14/04/2021

Braiding Your Hair with Extensions—A Basic Guide

Knowing how to braid hair is a skill that could give any person endless styling possibilities. After all, playing with hairstyles is one way you can express yourself and showcase your creativity!  The best thing about braids is how they look complicated from the outside, hiding the fact that they are actually pretty simple and easy to do. However, situations change when your hair has extensions.  As complex as it might sound, in reality, braiding your hair with extensions is not a challenge but an opportunity. With your hair extensions... Read More

ombre hair 05/04/2021

3 Trendy Hair Colouring Techniques You Need to Try

Coloured hair has become increasingly popular throughout the years, with all sorts of colouring techniques having been developed. Before, people were only able to pick a colour and dye their hair with it. Nowadays, there are all sorts of ways to put a little colour in your hair while keeping some of your natural shade. To get the look that truly expresses who you are, you need to know the difference between these hair colouring techniques.  1. Ombre It’s no surprise that a lot of people want to try ombre,... Read More

lady working out in the gym 07/03/2021

Can I Wear Hair Extensions at the Gym? What to Know

A woman holds so much power and authority over their image simply by how they wield their hair. The freedom to express oneself through their hair gives such a boost to any woman’s self-esteem—giving them the confidence and courage to live their life the way they want.  These days, there are multiple ways you can change up your hair, depending on your mood. You can dye your hair to express creativity, tie it up in a bun when busy, curl it up when you’re feeling a little fancy, or chop... Read More

swimming in the sea 05/03/2021

Salt Water and Your Hair Extensions: What to Know Before Taking a Dip

Women love a lot of things—and among them, gorgeous natural hair extensions and beautiful beaches. But do these two things go together? If you like wearing hair extensions and you’re planning to swim in the ocean, you are probably wondering if it’s safe to wear your clip-ins while you’re swimming. The short answer is ‘no’. Swimming in saltwater may benefit the skin and health in general, but that can’t be said for the hair (extensions or not). In this post, Foxy Locks will answer some of the questions that you... Read More