Three ways to look and feel good after lockdown ends

The time has finally come; as late summer approaches, we can make the most of the warm weather and start seeing our friends again. With that said, after spending well over a year under restrictions, it can be hard to know how to break out of the rut of lockdown. To help you out, we’ve outlined just some of the ways our hair extensions and false eyelashes can do more than just make your hair longer or your eyelashes thicker – they can actually be used as a means of... Read More

Instant Glam Eyelashes 03/09/2020

Instant Glam – 3 Reasons to get Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to defining a person’s beauty, long, lush, and curly eyelashes are one of the eye-catching characteristics that are coveted since the dawn of time. The lashes can do wonders in elevating one’s appearance, especially since the eyes are a universal symbol of beauty no matter the place or season. Full eyelashes frame what people consider a natural artwork, giving a sultry outline to the windows of the soul. That’s why women often wake up early in the morning and spend extra time carefully adding on mascara, or... Read More