Clarifying Common Misconceptions About False Eyelashes

For anyone who has never actually used fake eyelashes, they could seem like far too much effort to even try. Alternatively, you have probably met someone wearing lashes so thick they resembled the Giant Atlas moth and found it bothersome. However, the secret lies in being able to find the right falsies, ones that will look perfectly natural and will have you mastering application in no time.

Understandably, there are common misconceptions surrounding false eyelashes. Let’s clarify a number of them:

Application Is Complicated

People usually struggle with glueing their fake eyelash onto their eyelid. There’s a hack to this: instead of looking straight on at a mirror, look down instead. That way, the eyelids are smooth, because closing an eye at a time will cause puckering of the lid. In turn, some parts won’t stick right, which then leads to lifting in some parts. It’s similar to what you would usually do when putting on makeup.

Another key way to make sure your false eyelashes end up fitting well is to check if they need a trim. Measure it against your natural lash line, and if any cutting has to be done, start from the outer corner. That way, you can maintain as much of the flair and shape as possible.

When you have them at the desired length, line the lash band with glue with extra dabs on each end. Place them down gently and wait for about half a minute. The best way to actually put them on your eyelid? Tweezers, which can then be used to place the falsies on through pushing them carefully into place. Mistakes can easily be covered with eyeliner, before and after lash application.

If you’re not comfortable using glue, you may want to consider magnetic lashes instead.

They’re Obviously Fake, All the Time

Drag queens are among the top overall users of false eyelashes all over the world. However, the bold, large, mostly exaggerated styles they wear are just the tip of the iceberg. There is actually a much wider range of lashes to choose from in various sizes, shapes, and even colours. 

If your goal is to have a “no-lashes lashes” look, styles that are fluttery and wispy will go over far better in terms of looking like the real deal. A good way to go for the more subtle look is to find W-shaped styles, whose lengths raise and dip in a way that helps it blend with your actual lashes.

Have a lighter hair colour or just find jet-black falsies way too conspicuous? Try going for dark brown ones, which will be a far better match overall.


False eyelashes are great for highlighting the eyes and adding a different dimension to your face, whether or not you have makeup on. Application and maintenance are not as difficult as they have been made out to be. They can be used more than once, and make for an incredible addition to any look.

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