Errors That Make Your Clip-in Hair Extensions Look Unnatural

Quality hair extensions look good on anyone as long as they are perfectly placed. In other words, they should not be obvious. The last thing you want is for people to notice them. That defeats the illusion that your hair is long, bouncy, and full of volume. People using clip-in hair extensions usually encounter the “fake hair” problem because of mistakes when installing hair extensions. 

This article will enumerate some common errors encountered when using clip-in extensions and how you can overcome them. 

Error 1: Placing the Wefts Near the Crown

Here is a quick definition first:

  • The weft is where the hair is sewn together. It is the horizontal strip that keeps the hair intact. 
  • The crown is the highest point on the top of your head. It is the part of the scalp where most of the hair grows and where the circular formation is.

One of the common mistakes people commit when using clip-in extensions is placing the weft close to the crown. One of the golden rules for hair extensions is never to put an extension as high as your brow. When you place it too high, blending it with the rest of your hair becomes challenging. This mistake would leave you with thinner hair to cover up the extensions. 

Error 2: Placing the Wefts Right Next to Your Scalp

Putting the wefts close to your scalp could create an unnatural look. The closer the wefts are to the scalp, the more bumps it might create. The bumps might make the flow of your hair unnatural. Moreover, doing this feels uncomfortable. While it may work for tape-in extensions, it does not always produce the same effect for the clip-in hair extensions because of the clips. 

Error 3: The Hair Is Too Smooth for the Clips

Having smooth and silky hair may seem like a dream for many—that is until you need to wear clip-in hair extensions. When your hair is too soft, the clips will not have enough friction to keep them in place. But you can solve this problem by doing any of these three things: 

  • Spray your hair with hair spray to make it thick enough for the clips to hold.
  • Tease your hair roots to add more texture, but make sure not to overdo it.
  • Try using a crimping iron and holding it in place for a couple of seconds in the area where you plan to place the weft. 

Error 4: Not Knowing How to Utilise Your Natural Hair 

Another mistake is when people fail to recognise the function of their real hair. Natural hair is supposed to cover most parts of the hair extensions for the whole thing to look as natural as possible.

To make sure that your hair blends well, here are some reminders:

  • Section your hair.
  • Make sure that there is enough hair left to fall over the natural hair. 
  • Separate the natural hair from each extension by teasing the natural hair a bit. This technique is called backcombing, and it also helps cover up the extensions because of their volume. 


If you plan to install your hair extensions yourself, make sure to avoid any of these common errors. Using this guide can help you achieve more natural-looking, thicker, and longer hair. The right materials can also help you get gorgeous and perfectly styled locks. 

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