Clip-In Hair Extensions: The Best Ways to Use Them

Not satisfied with your new haircut? We’ve all been there at least once or twice. You are not alone if you feel like a new ‘do would look better on you. The good news is that there are certain hair tools and appliances that can add volume, change the texture, and improve the overall appearance of your hair. 

One of these convenient tools comes in the form of clip-in hair extensions. In the past, high-quality hair extensions were quite pricey. However, in the past years, they have become more affordable and it has gotten that much easier for people to add length and volume to their hair. If you are thinking about getting clip-in hair extensions but don’t know how to use them, this blog post will shed some light!

How to Wear Your Clip-In Hair Extensions Like a Pro

1 – Add Length

There are many hairstyles that you may not be able to achieve because your hair is not long enough. It can take ages for your locks to reach the right length for a certain style you want to try. Instead of waiting for seemingly forever for your hair to grow out, consider clip-in hair extensions to add the length that is needed for you to try a specific style.

2 – Get the Volume You Need

People with thinner hair may also be actively looking for ways to add volume to their hair. You can decide how many clip-in extensions to use to add the amount of volume that you want. The clip part of the extensions will not be visibly noticeable, so you will be able to add the volume and still maintain the natural look of your hair.

3 – Obtain Fuss-Free Curls

Many people want to be able to rock that curly hair look but may not be able to because they fear using a curling iron. You will have reason to be hesitant in using curling irons, especially if you are not used to handling them. You may risk burning your hair and causing permanent damage to it, if you are not careful. With clip-in hair extensions, there’s less at stake because you can experiment with your style without running the risk of destroying your natural hair in the process.

4 – Style Convenient Colours

The same principle of curls applies to hair colours. Now that hombre, mermaid hair, highlights and other hair colour trends are in fashion, you may want to try them for yourself. If you are allergic to hair colour or if you want to be able to remove the coloured bits from time to time, clip-in hair extensions are the answer!


Clip-in hair extensions are a quick and easy way to get you the colour, volume and style you want. In a matter of minutes, you will be able to have a salon-quality ‘do without too much time and effort. Keep in mind that clip-in hair extensions will not necessarily make you more beautiful. Remember that beauty starts with confidence with yourself, and hair extensions can definitely give you that self-love and confidence you need to feel beautiful!

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