Color Matching Techniques for Seamless Hair Extensions

One way to level up your crowning glory is to have hair extensions. The beauty of hair extensions is that they can particularly suit your preferred style, and you can go on with different looks temporarily. But the challenge to having one is going with a poor colour match that looks unnatural and detectable. 

You are probably one of the few people looking for a way to colour match hair extensions. This article will discuss a few tips and guides on how to colour match for you to achieve that natural hair extensions look.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

First off, we will discuss the different types of hair extensions available, including clip-ins, tape-ins, and individual bonds.

1. Clip-Ins 

Clip-in hair extensions are the most recommended type of hair extensions for those who are starting since it is the easiest, fastest, and most inexpensive hair extensions. It is temporary and often requires professional help for installation; it can simply be clipped into the root of the hair. 

2. Tape-Ins

This type of extension requires professional help since it is an individual piece of hairs that are taped onto hair and staggers throughout the entire head. The installation usually takes an hour, and it requires frequent maintenance at least four to eight weeks. 

3. Individual Bonds

Individual bonds are individual strands of hair that are fused to the natural hair using different adhesives. It is the closest to achieving a natural hair look that can last up to five months.  

Colour Matching Techniques

Now that you know the popular types of hair extensions, it is time to learn about how you can achieve that seamless natural-looking hair using colour matching. Colour matching is crucial since we don’t want that awkward obviousness of fake hair from natural hair. It is still best to consult with professional hairstylists like Foxy Locks to correctly analyse your hair condition. Here are some of the techniques that a hairstylist can do to your hair to colour match it perfectly: 

1. Colour Rings – colour rings is a tool comprising different colour shades allowing hair professionals to compare shades easily with the hair extension sample sizes. This technique is done to the root colour of the hair for an accurate result. 

2. Blending – Blending is when hair professionals mix different colour tones to achieve the correct colour of the natural hair. Sometimes there are different shades required, but stylists can easily colour match with the use of blending. 

3. Application Style – Colour matching is also achieved by how the extensions are applied. It depends on the density of the hair, so professionals must inspect the client’s hair properly to avoid it being thin and stringy. 

Get Professional Help 

To avoid failing and damaging your hair, we recommend seeking professional help to have the best results. In Foxy Locks, we provide a hair colour match service on our website where experts can help you choose your proper shade. There are steps included that you can follow to ensure that you get the best match possible. Moreover, we also provide clip-in hair extensions for black hair, blonde hair extensions, and brunette hair extensions in the UK. 

To know more about what we offer, visit our website for more details or call us at 08458387 for an appointment. 

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