Colour Me Curious: 3 Tips When Choosing a Hair Extension Color that Matches Your Natural Locks

One of the biggest features that can elevate your appearance is the hair, which is why women strive to play around with different hairstyles to change up their looks for every occasion. People dream of achieving long and voluminous locks, but not all have the luxury of achieving a Hollywood-esque style on-the-go. 

Those who want to add more life and length to their hair can easily feel glamorous with clip-in hair extensions, allowing you to make drastic improvements to your looks without the risk of damaging your natural tresses. 

Of course, ensuring it blends evenly with your hair is the key to achieving a seamless hair-do, so here are some tips to consider when choosing the perfect colour for your hair extensions: 

Tip #1: Know the Parts of Your Hair that Should Match the Extensions

It’s easy to assume that hair extensions should match the overall colouring of your hair, but the outer parts of your mane are typically lighter than its roots. The inner strands are also darker due to the minimal sun exposure, so basing the colour on the front of your hair can surprisingly make for an uneven combination. 

For the best results, be sure to observe the hue of your hair’s mid-length ends as it is the optimal section for matching your extensions. Don’t forget to look at the strands under natural light to see how it will bounce off the reflection, making it easier to choose hair extension swatches that flawlessly suit your hair’s tone. 

Tip #2: Consider the Colour Level Chart and Find Which Your Hair Falls Under

The next step is to know which coluor family your hair belongs in – from black, red, brunette, and blonde. Keep in mind that there’s more to blondes than meet the eye, particularly the undertones. Some have a warmer finish, while others fall under a cool or neutral shade. 

Tip #3: Add Dimension to Your Extensions by Adding Highlights or Lowlights

Choosing a flat colour can make for a fuller shade, but adding highlights or lowlights can add a stylish dimension to your mane. It adds a stunning vibrancy to your tresses, making it an excellent addition that is sure to give you the hair of your dreams. 

Perfect Locks: Matching the Colour of Your Hair Extensions with Your Natural Mane 

Adding hair extensions seem intimidating, but choosing the right colour that naturally blends with your locks can do wonders for elevating the lustre of your hair. It’s the perfect choice for volumising your hair for any occasion, allowing you to look picture-ready without putting your hair under stress.

How Can We Transform Your Hair?

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