Common Myths About Hair Extensions, Debunked – Part 1

Hair extensions are a godsend. Now, there’s no need to wait a long time to grow your hair—if you want longer hair, you can have it in a snap. This is why hair extensions continue to grow in popularity. Yet, amid the fame comes myths that confuse a lot of people, especially first-time buyers. In this two-part post, we will set the record straight. 

They Will Damage and Break Your Hair

It’s been years, and this myth continues to hound the internet and other channels across the world. What is the truth, though? 

Hair extensions are safe because they are only worn for a few hours, and you can remove them when you take a shower or go to bed. However, they should only be worn for a few hours every day. Hair extensions also come with care instructions that are easy to follow. By following the instructions, you can guarantee that they will not damage your hair. 

Now, there are various hair extension application methods today. That’s why research is important to find the right method for you. The safest methods are: 

  • Microbeads
  • Fusion
  • Clip-Ins
  • Tape-Ins

These are also the ones that are easy to apply. Permanent hair extensions are applied to the hair using glue, while some are physically bonded to small strands of hair. In this case, there is a potential for hair damage. 

Finally, if you have alopecia, it’s best to consult your doctor before wearing hair extensions. 

They Won’t Blend With Your Natural Hair

Totally not true. You only need to choose the right hair extensions for your hair type, and clip and style them well for them to blend well with your natural hair. Clipping and styling them may be challenging at first, but soon enough, you’ll get the hang of it, and you’ll be able to experiment with other styles. Also, there are plenty of tutorials online for free to help you learn how to clip your hair extensions well. 

Now, some hair extensions don’t blend well with natural hair because they are the wrong type of hair extension. Keep in mind: there are extensions that are particularly designed for women with thin hair, for those with an average amount of hair and for those with thicker hair. 

With that, you should only go to a reliable and professional hair extension shop like us here at Foxy Locks to ensure you get the best type of hair extension. It’s crucial you choose hair extensions based on your hair type to achieve a seamless blend. 

Their Tracks Will Show

This is another myth. Hair extensions are designed to look natural. Still, their tracks fall upon your hands. They will definitely not show if you know how to clip and blend them properly. The trick is to clip them in a safe zone, which is below the eyebrow line. 


We’re not done yet, though. In the second part of this post, we will debunk more myths about hair extensions. But before you move on to that, remember, quality hair extensions are crucial if you want them to look good on you. 

Get good hair extensions in the UK here at Foxy Locks. We have a wide range of extensions you can choose from. Shop now! We ship to the US, too!

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