Common Myths About Hair Extensions, Debunked – Part 2

Now here is the second part of our post on the truth about hair extensions. As we continue debunking these myths, keep in mind that as long as you purchase quality hair extensions, you won’t have a problem at all. That’s why it’s vital you find a reliable shop like us here at Foxy Locks where you can get high-quality hair extensions. 

It’s time to debunk the other hair extension misconceptions: 

They’re High Maintenance

One of the best parts of hair extensions is that they are very low maintenance. You don’t need to go to a salon for it, and you can take good care of your set by yourself. 

In addition to that, the hair extensions are not attached to the scalp, which means they don’t get oily. Therefore, you also don’t need to wash them often. You only need to wash the extensions every 15 to 20 wears when there is a significant build-up of other hair products. 

Here’s one thing you should remember: all kinds of hair extensions are prone to some tangling, but the extent to how it tangles will depend on the quality of the hair extensions and how well you care for them. Also, if your natural hair is prone to tangling, then it may naturally cause the extensions to tangle with it as well. For tangles, a quick brush throughout the day will keep tangles away. 

They Should Only Be Worn on Special Occasions

Definitely not true. Hair extensions are worn every day today. That means you don’t need a special occasion to wear one. 

All women can probably agree that there are times when you wished your locks were longer, but would prefer your short hair on other days. For those times you can’t commit to just one particular style or length, hair extensions are to the rescue.

There are a lot of hair extensions that are meant to be worn daily, and they’re so comfortable that they would really feel natural. In that case, it would help if you pre-style the extensions and keep them ready for the next day. With that, you can put them on easily, especially when you’re in a rush. 

They Look Fake

Hair extensions will only look fake if you buy from sketchy brands. That is why we mentioned several times in this two-part post how vital it is to purchase only quality hair extensions. 

When you buy extensions from a reputable brand, you can guarantee that the hair extensions will look natural as they’re made of real human hair. Nobody will even notice that you have hair extensions on. Although it will take some practice for them to blend with your hair, it will be worth it because once you get the right style, your hair extensions will look as natural as ever. So, go on and look for high-quality hair extensions today. 


Now that we have debunked these myths, it’s time you get your hair extensions. Hair extensions are a lifesaver, especially on days when you don’t feel like styling your hair. All you need is to invest in quality extensions that will last for a long time. 

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