What to Consider When Looking for the Best Ponytail for You

There are plenty of girls with thick and voluminous ponytails, making it look like they threw their hair up and just got it to look in perfect condition right away for an Instagram picture. But when you try it, it can often end up disappointing. A thin and flat ponytail is nothing close to the pristine photos you saw. But honestly, there’s a secret to it.

Ponytail hair extensions can elevate the way that your hair looks. These clip-ins should be able to fluff up and lengthen your hair, giving you the best up-do for almost any garment and occasion. It’s definitely a step up from just tossing your hair into an elastic band for that sudden errand out of the house.

There’s pretty much a ponytail hair extension for everyone. However, there are some questions you have to think about before heading out of the house. How high should you be doing your ponytail? What hue should the hair be? How long should it be?

Some ponytails can look majestic and gorgeous on other people, but you need to ask whether or not the style they have suits you. The ponytail extensions that you choose should be able to match you perfectly. You’re the one who’s going to use them, after all!

Here’s a short and friendly guide about what you should consider when searching and determining the best ponytail for your hair:

Your Face Shape

Any ponytail would be exposing and drawing attention to your face. Instead of having your hair look as if it’s pulling back your head all too tightly, you want it to compliment you instead. How high your ponytail is and where it’s positioned will rely on how good it looks with your face shape. 

It’s often a process of trial and error when looking for the best ponytail match since face shapes are drastically different from person to person. Here are some face shape categories and what ponytail suits them the best!

Round-Shaped Face

Round faces are quite distinct since they are often less shapely than others. Many suggest higher ponytails to pull the hair back as much as possible. Tall and thick ponytails can help balance out those fuller cheeks and create balance. If you want to go the opposite direction and make them rounder, a floaty side ponytail can also look great.

Oval-Shaped Face

Oval faces are quite special because almost any ponytail would suit them. No matter how high or low it is and where they place the hair elastic, the ponytail is bound to look good. Experiment to your heart’s desire; if your face is a little long, you may want to try a half-up ponytail. With a clip-in, it’s bound to make you look extra stunning.

Rectangle-Shaped Face

Rectangle faces are quite the opposite of round faces since these kinds of faces are more squared off and defined. High ponytail extensions that are looser with some of your natural hair can help hide any chiselled features that can look too harsh with the hair pulled back. Face-framing bangs may also accompany the pony for a softer look.

Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamond-shaped faces are like oval faces with a more noticeable chin. The most adequate ponytail for these kinds of face shapes is mid-height to lower. Many recommend half-down ponies to increase the volume of hair down and make everything look much fuller. Anything that frames your face can also help ease sleeker ponytails.

Heart-Shaped Face

The defining feature of heart-shaped faces is the forehead. In turn, the most flattering ponytail for this face shape is a mid-height ponytail that can lessen any emphasis on your face’s temples. If you have any existing face-framing hairpieces, though, you could get away with other kinds of ponytails too!

Your Hair Thickness

As mentioned earlier, one reason that ponytails can look rather lacklustre is because of their thinness. If your natural hair is too thin even when bunched up, getting a ponytail extension can help solve that. Secure up to as few or as many layers as your hair can take. 

Just be a little careful of how many layers you’ll be securing. Extensions will be clipped into your natural hair after all, and anything too heavy can cause a bit of damage. It’s recommended to adjust where you’re placing your extensions and how much you’re putting on at a certain time. 

Your Ponytail Style

Many can rock that straight ponytail look where it looks sleek and shiny. However, some may want to try a ponytail that’s more curled and wavy. Even different hairstyles like a braid, wrap-around and more can look quite exciting thanks to the hair texture showcased.

Remember to keep in mind the quality of hair extensions that you pick when styling it. Hair extensions that feature Remy human hair instead of synthetic are worth investing in. That way, you can heat, curl and mess with it however you’d like since it behaves almost like natural hair.

Your Ponytail Colour

Getting clip-in ponytail hair extensions should also make you think about the hue you’re getting. Colour-matching is a must to ensure that the extensions won’t stand out and look too obvious. Many tend to get ombre extensions though, since the fade from one colour to another can really spice up one’s appearance.

Your Ponytail Length

The last thing to consider when choosing a ponytail is the length that you want it in and whether it’d be appropriate for where you’re heading. Hair extensions can go as long as 26 inches, so you can get the full ponytail that goes for miles and miles if you wanted. There are also short and medium length extensions if you want something more subtle.


With this guide, you’re sure to find the perfect ponytail extensions that will match you. It’s best to coordinate and have an expert apply the clip-ins if you’re doing it for the first time, just to ensure your natural roots’ safety. 

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