Everything You Need To Know About Dying Your Hair Extensions

The world has seen a multitude of beauty trends dominate magazines and become outdated soon after. Over-plucked brows, twiggy-inspired lashes, crimped hair—we’ve certainly seen it all! However, no matter how many fads come and go and how much peoples’ preferences and styles change, hair extensions remain a popular accessory to achieving beauty.

In our society, hair is everything! Poorly styled hair can ruin your overall look and mood for the rest of the day, while amazing hair can pull your outfit together and make you feel more confident. Suffice to say, if you want to enjoy your life to the fullest, you better keep your locks looking their best!

Hair Extensions: The Game-Changer

Gone are the days when you had to make do with what your mother gave you; thanks to the creation of hair extensions, anyone can have silky straight locks, long beach waves, or thick, kinky hair. As long as you have hair extensions in your arsenal, the possibilities are endless!

If you want to have pixie hair for a day, you can wear a realistic wig, and if you feel like having rapunzel-like locks, you can use 20-inch hair extensions to make your hair even longer! As long as you have a collection of locks to choose from, you have the freedom and power to alter your identity or perfect your ideal look.

When Length and Texture Won’t Cut It

Styling and changing up one’s hair has long been a critical component of self-expression. Hair is an extension of a person’s identity—in having control over how to wear and style it, people can feel more empowered and confident with who they are. 

When it comes to styling hair, anyone can chop their hair off to signify a fresh start, wear extensions to add length or wear a wig to change their look entirely. However, some people find that removing or adding length to hair isn’t enough. 

To others, colouring hair is essential to expressing themselves. For those who aren’t satisfied with the natural colour of their hair, using their locks as a blank canvas to experiment with different shades helps them be more confident in who they are.

The Colour Problem

Anyone can dye their hair and wear extensions, but the problem is, looking for hair extensions that match the colour on their head can be impossible!

Unfortunately, only some hair companies sell extensions in unnatural shades. You will find many black and blonde hair extensions, but very few businesses sell hair in every colour of the rainbow.

Instead of going to great lengths in searching for hair extensions that are the same colour as their hair, people instead resort to dying them at home. For those who want to have luscious hair but don’t want to sacrifice their unique hue, DIY dying is the perfect solution!

What to Remember Before You Dye

Although there’s nothing wrong with dying your hair extensions, there are some limitations to keep in mind. Hair extensions come in different types. Each type will react differently to dyes, and some of them may not match your natural hair well.

If you want to dye your hair extensions, we recommend using ones made of human hair. Colouring human hair extensions is just like dying your hair so that you can style and dye them to your preferred shade. However, make sure to be careful with it, just like you would your own locks.

On the other hand, synthetic fibres aren’t as flexible to colour. Although synthetic hair is dyeable, you can’t use regular dyes because its fibres aren’t porous. Since synthetic wigs are already available in various colours, you won’t have to dye them anyway.

How to Dye Human Hair Extensions

Although there are many synthetic hair extensions in any colour imaginable, we advise against using them if you plan to wear them regularly. Synthetic hair is obviously fake—they won’t match your actual locks.

Bleaching and colouring human hair extensions are a perfect alternative to fake-looking synthetic extensions—as long as you follow the proper process, you’ll have beautiful and colourful extensions that blend in well with your equally bright hair.

Just follow our guide below so that you can dye your hair extensions successfully:

Gather Your Tools and Materials

Before dying, you should prepare all of your supplies first. Hair tools are easy to find; you can find the necessary materials from a beauty supply store near you or order them online.

The supplies you’ll need for dying your extensions are:

  • Hair dye
  • Developer
  • Plastic or latex gloves
  • Plastic bowl
  • Colouring brush

Apply the Colour

After washing and drying the hair extensions and preparing the colour, it’s time to apply the mixture to the strands. Before dying all of the hair extensions, we recommend doing a test strand on a small section first to ensure that you’re happy with the colour. 

If you want to adjust the shade of the hair extensions later on, you can use semi or demi hair dyes as they don’t affect the hair quality and eventually fade when you wash them.

Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can coat the colour on your hair extensions, distributing the dye evenly.  Make sure to apply the colour in a downwards direction, starting from the root to the tips. Wait for about 15-20 minutes for the dye to penetrate the hair shaft and check the results every few minutes.

Moisturise the Locks

After colouring and rinsing the hair with lukewarm water, apply some conditioner and rewash it. Always use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash the hair to prevent the colour from fading, but if you’re looking to change the shade, you can use an anti-dandruff shampoo to fade the colour out.


Wearing hair extensions and colouring your hair isn’t mutually exclusive—you can definitely clip in some extra hair while your head is a crazy colour! As long as you purchase the best hair extensions and practice the correct steps in dying hair, you’ll have luscious and colourful locks!

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