Foxy Locks Highlights Hair Extensions: What You Need to Know

Don’t you think highlights look so amazing on women with long, and gorgeous hair? It’s a look that everyone wants. Surprisingly not everyone is comfortable with the idea of committing to one style and dyeing their hair completely to achieve the hairstyle they want.

They can’t be blamed, though. To achieve highlights, the hair has to be bleached several times and the process can be extremely damaging. If you are protective of your hair (as you should be), you want to know if there are options for you to try this hair trend without putting your own hair at risk.

Thankfully, Foxy Locks, the source of the best hair extensions has some of the best collections of highlighted extensions that you can choose from. They come in an array of colours from the softest latte shades to dark, sun-kissed ones.

In this post, Foxy Locks will answer some of the most common questions that you might want to know the answer to:

What Are Highlighted Clip-In Hair Extensions Made Of?

Similar to all Foxy Locks hair extensions, our Highlights Collection is also made of 100% Remy human hair, the highest quality hair you could ever want in hair extensions.

What Length Do the Highlighted Hair Extensions Come In?

Foxy Locks Highlighted Extensions come in various lengths. The shortest one you can get is 16” while the longest one is 26”.

How Should I Wear Highlighted Hair Extensions?

There are some considerations here. If your own hair is already highlighted, then this collection is perfect for you. Every clip-in has been specially dyed so that the hair strands will seamlessly blend with three different shades of highlighted hair.

How about if you don’t have highlighted hair? Does that mean you can’t wear these highlighted clip-ins? Not at all! You can still wear them but know that the colour dimension will be slightly different than if your hair already has highlights. The result will be more subtle. As an alternative, you might want to check out our balayage clip-ins or our ombre hair extensions in different shades.

What Is the Difference Between Balayage, Ombre, and Highlights?

Both balayage and highlights are basically highlighting techniques but with some differences. Traditional highlights are more thin and lighter streaks that run from roots to tips. If hearing the word “highlights” takes you back to the late ‘90s and early 2000s, it’s because it was indeed the most popular hair trend back then. You see it in boy bands, pop stars, and other celebrities, and perhaps every single high school girl. In comparison to the original version that was thicker and chunkier, today’s iteration is more delicate looking as the highlights are much thinner. When done properly by a stylist, you can achieve gorgeous dimension and depth. It could work really well with your existing hair colour, too.

Balayage, on the other hand, is the freer sister of highlights. It won’t require frequent visits to the salon for touch-ups because, unlike highlights that start from the roots, balayage starts mid-shaft with the shade seamlessly gradiating from the darkest at the top to the lightest at the bottom. Balayage is also more playful and less deliberate, so it’s often associated with summer as it gives the hair a sun-kissed look.

Ombre is a faded blend. Ombre hair extensions melt from dark to light but without the streaks that balayage has. Our ombre collection comes in a variety of colours, too, so there’s definitely something that will match your shade.

How Long Will My Highlights Extensions Last?

As mentioned, our hair extensions are all made of top-quality Remy hair. This means that given proper care, it could last you for a year or longer! Again, the keyword here is proper care. If you neglect to brush your extensions or wash them with harsh shampoos without giving it a conditioning treatment after, you can’t expect it to last as long as it’s supposed to. 

How Do I Take Care of My Hair Extensions?

You need to brush your extensions with a wide-tooth comb first to untangle any snags before you brush it with finer bristles. As much as possible, don’t sleep with your clip-ins. Not only will they pull on your natural hair while you’re sleeping but they’re also more likely to get tangled when you toss and turn all night.

Use shampoo and conditioner that are paraben-free. Like you wouldn’t use harsh shampoos with your own hair, you shouldn’t use them for your hair extensions, either. You should also apply nourishing oils or treatments to your hair every once in a while. This is because, unlike your hair that is still getting nourishment from your scalp, your hair extensions don’t get any. To maintain their look, you need to take extra care of them.

There are also hair products that are specifically for hair extensions. These are batter for those as their formulation takes consideration of their lack of nourishment so they’re less drying.

Will I Be Able to Style My Hair Still, With Extensions On?

Yes! In fact, the added length and volume that you get from your hair extensions mean you can try more styles than you could with just your hair. If you’re not too keen on the idea of using your highlights extensions for updos, you might want to try our clip-in ponytails which you can wear as is or twist into a bun or do braids with.


With faux highlights on your clip-in hair extensions, you can try the trendy modern take on highlights without actually committing to the style. You won’t have to process your hair either. All it takes is a minute to clip the extensions in place, and you get to enjoy long, full, and luxurious highlighted hair! You can wear it every day or save it for special occasions!

Foxy Locks has some of the best hair extensions in the UK that come in different lengths, styles, and colours. From solid shades to balayage, ombre, and yes, highlight extensions, we have everything you could ever want in an extension! Check out our collection today!

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