Get Cool for the Summer—Hair Colour Trends You Need to Try!

Summer is the season after spring and before autumn when the weather is the hottest. The longest day and shortest night of the year happen around the summer solstice, and then the days get shorter.

Summer is the time when we get to rest and relax. We stop going to school, and we get to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities.

It is nice to sit outside on the grass and tan in the warm sunlight. Everyone tries to get out as much as possible to enjoy the extra daylight. It is also the season of fairs and festivals. They are held in parks, streets, and town squares. They are often accompanied by music, dancing and games.

But let’s be honest, one of the best parts of summer is the hair. All the beautiful haircuts, colours, and more!

Today, explore some of the best hair colour trends you should try out this summer! Here’s what you need to know:

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is one of the most popular hair colours in the summer. It is light in tone, but it is still brown enough that it doesn’t look too unnatural.

The right strawberry blonde will look very soft. It will look like you went to the beach. The left one is also a very pretty colour, but I would say it is a little edgier. It is a very fun look, and it is very different.

Ash Brown

If you feel that strawberry blonde is too much and want something a little more subtle, try ash brown. It looks like you went to the beach, but you’re slightly more subtle about it.

To get the right ash brown, you have to make sure that the colouring is entirely even. If you have blonde streaks throughout your hair, it will look unnatural.


Ginger is a natural hair colour. It will always be very light, and it will always be red. It is a very pretty shade, but it is not for everyone. I would say that it is a more natural look.

It is a very youthful look, but it can also age you. You have to make sure that you get the right look for yourself.


Auburn is like a mix of strawberry blonde and ginger. It is a very fun look, and it is very different as well. It is very pretty, and I think it is one of the best hair colour trends you can try this summer.


Turquoise is a beautiful pastel colour. It is the perfect summer look. If you love bold colours but don’t want to go too crazy, this is the look for you. You can go for a bold turquoise, or if you like, you can just add a few highlights to get a more subtle look.


Ombre is a trendy summer look. You can get a lot of different variations of this look, and it can be very subtle and bold.

You can just do a few highlights and lowlights for a subtle ombre. If you want to make a statement, you can go for something like the picture on the left. That is a very bold look, but it is a fun one.


Two-tone is a very fun look for summer. You can choose whether you want a bold style or a more subtle one. The bold look is very pretty, but you must have the hair for it. You could try it if you have a light skin tone with dark or red hair. The bold and subtle two-tone is a very pretty look as well. It is very subtle, but it is still very fun.

Mermaid Hair

Mermaid’s hair is one of the most popular summer hair colour trends. It is a very bold and fun look. It will get you noticed.

It can be tough to pull off. You must have the right skin tone, or it will not look good. You have to ensure you get the right look for your skin tone.

Pastel Hair with Bleach

Pastel hair with bleach is another very bold choice. The colours that you can do with this look are endless. You can get pastels in almost every colour.

The picture on the left shows you this look with purple, blue and pink. The picture on the right shows you a bolder, more colourful look.

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair is another bold and fun look for summer. It is very bright, but it is still very pretty. You can find a lot of different variations of this look, from pastels to very bold colours.

The look on the left is very similar to the one on the right. The one on the left is a bolder version of the same look. You can choose the boldness that you want.

Zebra Hair

Zebra hair is one of the boldest summer hair colour trends. It has become very popular over the last few years and will be popular for a long time. You have to have black hair to be able to pull it off. It is a very pretty look, and it is very trendy.


Highlights are trendy in the summer. They add colour to your hair, but they are not very bold, and they are very easy to maintain. You can get blonde, light brown, red and every other colour.

How to Take Care of Your Coloured Hair This Summer

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

Don’t wash your hair every day unless you have to. It dries out your hair to wash it so much.

It is also bad to shampoo your hair every day because it strips away all the natural oils that your hair needs. If you wash your hair too much, it will start to look very unhealthy. It will look dry, frizzy and very rough.

When you wash your hair, you should make sure that you dry it very well afterwards. If it is not dry, it can look very greasy.

Shampoo with Warm Water

Washing your hair with warm water will help to keep your hair soft. When you use warm water, it opens up your hair follicles, making the shampoo go deeper. This will keep your hair softer for longer. I have to admit that I don’t wash my hair with warm water, but it is something that I am going to try this summer.

Use a Colour Protecting Shampoo

When you use a colour protective shampoo, you will help to keep your colour fresher for longer. These shampoos have ingredients that will help prevent fading and yellowing. They help to keep your colour looking vibrant and beautiful. You can also help to hydrate your hair while using colour-protecting shampoo.

Use a Weekly Hair Mask

You should use a weekly hair mask to keep your hair healthy. It will repair your hair, and it will give it the moisture that it needs. You can leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it. It is a great way to keep your hair healthy and soft.

Deep Condition

A deep conditioner is a treatment that goes deep into the hair. It is a lot of moisturising, making your hair soft. It can also protect your hair from the sun. If you have bleached hair, you should always use a deep conditioner.

Avoid Damp Air

Damp air is very damaging. It can make your hair frizzy, and it can remove the colour from your hair. Make sure you stay out of the steam, or if you want to go out, you should bring a scarf to protect your hair.

Limit Exposure to Heat

Heat is very damaging to your hair. It can dry it out and make it frizzy. It can also fade your colours. You can use a diffuser to protect your hair. You can also use a heat-protecting spray or a serum before using heat on your hair.

Use a Hair Serum

A hair serum will add a lot of shine to your hair, and it will also help to protect it from heat. It is much thinner than a conditioner and penetrates your hair more easily. If you have bleached hair, you should always use a serum. It will help protect your hair and add a lot of shine.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated. This is very important if you want to keep your hair healthy. If you don’t drink enough water, your hair will become dry. It will be hard to keep it healthy and shiny.

Use a Sun Hat

Never forget to wear your sun hat. You should always protect your hair from the sun, especially in the summer. Your hair can become dry, and it can also fade very easily.

Take Vitamin Supplements

Taking a multivitamin supplement is a good idea if you are not getting enough vitamins in your diet. You should take a supplement with B vitamins and vitamin C because these are very good for your hair. Vitamin A can help prevent hair from breaking, and vitamin E can help protect it from the sun.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to dye your hair for the summer, but it can be a lot of fun. There are so many different colour options out there, and you can easily find something that will look good with your skin tone. Make sure you read this guide before deciding to dye your hair. It can help you to find the right colour to match your skin tone, and it can also help you to find a look that you will love.

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