The Beginner’s Guide for Using Clip in Hair Extensions

Does your hair lack volume? Don’t worry; hair extensions are the answer to your dilemma. Clip-in hair extensions are an easy and non-permanent alternative for long and vibrant hair. It is made of multiple clips that attach to your hair in different sections. Once you no longer need them for the day, you can simply remove them.

Our hair is our crowning glory, so stepping out of our home with neat and flowing hair that shines under the sunlight is a dream! Clip-in hair extensions are one of the most popular types that newbies often purchase. Who wouldn’t? It’s super easy to apply at home, super affordable and won’t damage your hair. 

In this article, we’ll have an in-depth discussion of hair extensions and how to use them for your hair.

Hair Extension Materials

If you’re wondering if hair extensions are made out of real human hair, the answer is yes! Real human hair is more natural and durable than synthetic hair. It can last up to 1 year, so hairstylists often recommend purchasing hair extensions made from human hair. 

Hair extensions are also made out of synthetic hair. Synthetic hair isn’t as heavy as real hair and may look unnatural, but it can still complete a natural look if you use them right. You can use synthetic hair if you’re only starting out or you don’t plan on using extensions for a long time.

Who Should Get Clip In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are good for anyone who wants to add length and volume to their hair. May you be a newbie or not, you can wear them without harming your scalp. These hair extensions are perfect for:

  • Women who want to create different looks.
  • Teenagers who want to add length and volume to their hair.
  • Hairstylists who prefer to choose the number of wefts they want for a custom approach.

You can use clip-in hair extensions for different styles like ponytails, braids, or high buns. Purchase clip-in ponytail extensions. If you have blonde hair, pick the blonde ones. There are many good hair extensions in the UK that you can purchase in various lengths, thicknesses, and colours.

How to Clip In Hair Extensions

Are you ready to learn how to use clip-in hair extensions? If the answer is yes, then follow our steps below. It’s super easy to follow, but you can take all the time you need to master the process.

  1. Brush your hair before starting. This will remove the tangles. Start by making a horizontal section across your scalp using a rat-tail comb. Use hair clips to secure the hair above the part.  
  2. Start with the smallest weft of hair (2-clip weft) and work your way up. Now measure the weft against your head to make sure it fits in that section. Open the hair extension clips, position it near the root of the hair, and attach the weft to your natural hair.
  3. Let down your hair and create another horizontal section 1 inch above the last section. Follow the same steps and blend your natural hair with the hair extensions.
  4. Style your hair with a curling iron, straightener, or blow dryer for a more natural and polished look.

Final Thoughts

Clip-in hair extensions help add length and volume to your hair without a long wait. You can experiment with many hairstyles without damaging your hair. It’s super easy to do and surprisingly affordable. 

For good hair extensions in the UK, we at Foxy Locks pride ourselves on offering high-quality hair extensions. We have been supplying women all over the world with luxurious extensions. Reach out to our friendly customer service today!

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