Our Quick Guide to Maintaining and Curling Straight Hair Extensions

Hair makeovers can be a huge commitment, but thankfully, clip-in hair extensions provide you with a new look without the pressure of committing to a style for months. Because of its convenience, many opt for hair extensions to get the desired hair-do they need quickly.

Perhaps you’re here because you’ve recently gotten straight or wavy hair extensions, and you’re looking for ways to style it. You’re probably thinking of curling or re-curling them to give your hair more bounce and volume, but what’s the best way to do it?

Luckily, hair extensions are pretty easy to style. Whether you’re working with clip-in hair extensions or using a micro ring, there are several styling methods you can do to give you a fresh new look. 

What You Need to Know When Styling Straight Hair Extensions

If you’re thinking of styling and curling your hair extensions, your initial thought would be to head over to the salon to have a professional do it for you. Although this isn’t wrong, there’s no need for you to book an appointment for you to get the style you want. Besides, salon prices can be quite steep, don’t you think?

You’d be happy to know that all the techniques professionals use to style and curl your locks are pretty simple, and you can learn them in no time. With a bit of practice, you’ll get to head out of your home looking like you came fresh from the salon. 

However, you should know that not all hair extensions are made the same, meaning their textures can be different. With different textures come other curling options as well, so it’s best to keep that in mind. 

If you’re ready to dip your fingers into some at-home styling, then read on. Here are some things you should know about maintaining and curling straight hair extensions. 

Curling Your Hair Extension With a Curling Wand

The quickest and simplest way to curl your hair extensions is by using a curling wand, and the great thing about these tools is that they’re affordable!

Ideally, you want to use a high-quality hair style to curl your hair, so you don’t damage your delicate hair extensions. Also, you need to have a good paddle brush ready to untangle your hair to ensure that you get nice, bouncy curls that would last throughout the day.

Here’s how you’d want to curl your hair with a curling wand:

Difficulty Level: Medium

Duration: 20 to 40 minutes

  • Take a section of your hair above your ears and secure it with a clip on the top of your head;
  • Bring the two bottom sections of your hair to the front and start curling them;
  • Take one section of your hair and wrap it around your wand away from your face, so the curls blow outward;
  • Continue getting sections and play around with their thickness to give you natural-looking curls;
  • Keep doing this until all strands have been curled.

Curling Your Hair Extensions with a Ponytail

The previous curling wand option can give you natural-looking curls, but it can take up most of your time, especially when you’re not used to curling your hair. Fortunately, there’s an easy alternative that you can try that won’t take forever!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes

  • Start by brushing your hair and putting it up into a ponytail;
  • Separate your hair into sections, depending on its thickness; 
  • Take a section of the ponytail and wrap it around your curling iron;
  • After that, continue curling every section of the ponytail until all sections are curled into perfection;
  • Now that you’ve curled all of the sections, you can remove the ponytail and start curling the top section of your hair;
  • After that, give your hair a bit of a shake for a bouncy and edgy look.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that you can easily do this in less than 10 minutes, making it the perfect method if you’re in a rush. Not to mention, you’ll have more time to choose a killer outfit to go with your glamorous hair!

Curling Your Hair Extensions Without Heating Tools

There’s no denying that heating tools can severely damage your hair, especially if you use them all the time. So if you’re not too keen on using hot tools to style your clip-in hair extensions, don’t fret—there are some no-heat curling methods you can try. 

Although you’re not using any heat, the downside about no-heat curling methods is that it’s a pretty long method that needs more time. With that, you need to prepare the night before or a few hours before the event so you can have lush locks the next day.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 2 hours to Overnight

  • You’ll be using hair rollers for this curling option; with that, you can start with dry or slightly damp hair;
  • Section your hair and take a curler and wrap your hair around it from the tip to the crown and secure it with a bobby pin;
  • Repeat the process until all of your hair is up with curlers;
  • You can wait for two hours or leave it overnight before you can let your hair go and bounce off naturally;

With this method, you need to be careful when you take off your rollers to avoid tangles. If you want to add a bit of heat, you can blow dry your hair while they’re up in rollers if you want to retain your curls for longer periods.

The Bottom Line: You Can Have Salon-Looking Hair At Home By Curling Your Hair

Straight hair can get a bit boring sometimes, so it’s best to style your hair and give it a bit of bounce. From having tight curls to wavy, mermaid-like hair, having lush curly locks is easy, and you can definitely do it at home. So choose the best clip-in hair extensions in the market and walk out of your home with a glamorous new do!

Where Can I Get High-Quality Clip-In Extensions?

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